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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm by Chair, Paulette Bufano.
Roll Call
Members Present: Paulette Bufano, Jack Emick, Karen Kaser, Joy Liechty, An Tootill, and Suzanne Zahniser. Absent: Anna Gordon, Linda Iwanyk and Erin Vivion
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm
MIVAL Liaison
Bob Still
Diane Mortenson, Jana Raasch, and Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Maggie Bennett
Mercer Island Resident
Approval of Minutes
Karen Kaser motioned to approve the regular Arts Council minutes of January 14, 2015 as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
Paulette Bufano, Chair
The Chair welcomed new Arts Council member, Joy Liechty.
Paulette reported that Erin is busy working on STQRY.
The Chair distributed budget information showing expenditures and remaining budget to date.
Anna Gordon, Chair
No Report
Mostly Music in the Park (MMIP)
Karen Kaser, Chair
MIVAL liaison, Bob Still, brought three pieces of artwork for the Arts Council’s consideration for the Mostly Music in the Parks brochure and poster.        The Arts Council chose the artwork of a tree with birds.  Bob will provide the artist name and title once the artist has been notified by MIVAL. The artwork will be professionally photographed and sent to Amber Britton.
Indoor Gallery:
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
No Report
Public Art
An Tootill, Chair
No Report.
Staff Report:
Jana Raasch, Business and Operations Superintendent
Community & Event Center Master Plan:  Jana updated the Arts Council on the status of the Community & Event Center master plan.  She stated that they have begun work on it and will be doing a public outreach, first to stakeholders, like the Arts Council and then to the general public.  She indicated that it will be about a year-long process, and that she will be looking to the Arts Council for input around April.  She would like to know if they would like to meet individually or collectively with groups like MIVAL, MICA and other arts groups.  She also asked if they would let her know if they think of other groups for outreach. 
Diane Mortenson indicated that after exhaustive research, space has not been found for the displaced live model classes. She asked that if anything did come available that Arts Council members are aware of that they contact her so that she can look into it.
Orbits and Pieces Public Art:  Jana reported to the Arts Council that the Community & Event Center is doing some re-landscaping of the area in front of the center where the Obits and Pieces public art is located.  Her concern is that it might block Orbits and Pieces. The idea being considered is to move it to the left so that it is closer to the edge of the entry patio.  Jana stressed that this is just preliminary talk and she wanted to be sure the Arts Council was okay with moving the pieces if necessary.  An stated that she has long thought that Orbits and Pieces gets lost and looks like garden art.  If decision is ultimately to move it, An suggested a dialog about a much larger educational sign, possibly on the wall behind it, about these pieces.
It was agreed that the Arts Council is agreeable to moving the art if the landscape architect feels it is necessary.  Once that is determined Jana will either return to the Arts Council or work with them through staff members Diane Mortenson or Amber Britton. An requested that Jana email her the pictures of Orbits and Pieces from her presentation. 
Diane Mortenson, Recreation Superintendent
Freehold Engaged Theatre
Freehold Engaged Theatre is interested in partnering with the Arts Council again this year on June 15 or 16 to do a practice and a performance in the Amphitheatre at Luther Burbank Park.  The performance will be free for the public. There is no cost involved.  The performance will be “All’s Well that Ends Well”.   Suzanne suggested that this be included in the MMIP brochure.  Diane said that if the timing works, she didn’t see a problem with it.  She will check with Amber.
An Tootill motioned that we allow Freehold to use the Park again for both performances again this year.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Gateway Damaged Art: 
The damage to Gateway has been assessed and the assessment is now with our insurance group.  As soon as claim money is received, repairs will move forward.
Diane reported that the Parks Department applied for a Spotlight Award through WA Recreation Park Association for the dragon at Deane’s Park.  Amber put together a great video to announce it if we do win it.   We will find out in April whether or not we won the award.  
Graffiti Gratitude Project
Diane reminded the Arts Council that this project was first brought to them last fall. The idea is to pick a business or facility with a big open window or wall.  Residents write what they are grateful for on the wall. She proposed going forward with the project with the Arts Council for this fall somewhere around the holidays.  Paulette Bufano, Suzanne Zahniser and Jack Emick all indicated that they would like to work on it. 
Request for Car Show
Diane alerted the Arts Council that the parks department has received a request from the BMW Car Club to have a car show in the street and possibly on the grass of the sculpture gallery.  It hasn’t been approved yet, but she anticipates that if there are no problems, it will be approved.  The car club will pay permit fees.  The date is Saturday, July 25.  An Tootill suggested that if they want to park on the grass in the gallery, that they be approached for a monitory contribution to the gallery.
Fire Station Update
Diane reported a date for the dedication of the Fire Station has been set.  It will be the weekend following Summer Celebration.
Annual Report and Workplan Update
The Arts Council is now scheduled to go in front of the City Council the end of April.  Diane will get clarification on the deadlines from Amber.
Jane Meyer Brahm
Request from Sister City Association:
Jane Brahm stated that a delegation from Mercer Island’s Sister City, Thonon les Bains, will be here July 7 – 13 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this partnership.  She indicated that a gift exchange is traditional, and the Sister City Association is purchasing a Georgia Gerber sculpture of “twin foxes” to present to the delegation.  They would like to know if the Arts Council would consider funding a matching or similar public art sculpture to be placed at or around city hall.  The cost is estimated at around $2,800.
There was a brief discussion indicating that the Arts Council could request the City Council to approve funding from the 1% for the Arts Fund.
An Tootill motioned to apply to the city to get a twin foxes sculpture and pedestal around the same time that the delegation will be here.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously
The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm

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