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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Chair, Paulette Bufano.
Roll Call
Members Present: Paulette Bufano, Jack Emick, Linda Iwanyk, Joy Langley, Allie Roodman, Rene Stratton, An Tootill, Erin Vivion, and Suzanne Zahniser. Absent: Karen Kaser and Joy Liechty
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm was absent.  
Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Approval of Minutes:
Jack Emick motioned to approve the regular Arts Council minutes of September 9, 2015.   The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
Paulette Bufano, Chair
  • Paulette welcomed new member Allie Roodman to the Arts Council.  Allie was appointed by the mayor in June of this year and will moving into the spot vacated by Anna Gordon.  Her term will expire in 2019.
  • Paulette gave an update on the Gratitude Graffiti Project previously approved as an Arts Council project.  “The Gratitude Graffiti Project is a 30-day, purposeful appreciation of one’s life through public, interactive art in our community.” Recreation Superintendent, Diane Mortenson, has taken the lead on the project. Paulette shared sample posters with the Arts Council, and reported that it will initially be available at five Mercer Island businesses – Qdoba, Hair Excel, Menchies, Karate West, and the Community Center.
  • Paulette spoke about the Arts Council retreat.  She indicated that a full-day (9 am – 2 pm) retreat is planned, and will be held separately from the regular Arts Council meeting this year.  Manya Drobnak has agreed to facilitate for no fee.  The initial dates discussed were Saturday, October 31 or November 14, but not everyone is available on those dates so Paulette will find out if she would be available November 21.  If she is not available, Joy Langley recommended Jim Reed as a possibility.  She was unsure what he would charge.  Paulette asked about a room at the Community Center.  Amber said we can check.  If not at the Community Center, then maybe at City Hall.
  • Paulette asked what Arts Council members would like to get out of the retreat:
    • Suzanne Zahniser would like to find ways for the Arts Council to be more involved with supporting artists as opposed to programs.
    • Erin Vivion would like to look at ways for the Arts Council to support more dance.
    • Joy Langley would like to discuss some ideas she has for poetry programs.
Allie Roodman said she would like to have more information on what is in the realm of possibility for the Arts Council.  Amber said she will have a historical presentation at the retreat with this information. Joy Langley would like some clarity on what grants we can apply for and what we might be eligible for.  Amber indicated that there is no limitation on applying for grants, but we usually get eliminated because we are not a 501c3.
Mostly Music in the Park
Karen Kaser, Chair
In Karen’s absence, Suzanne Zahniser presented the MMIP report.  She said that they have been corresponding with the director of the Russian Chamber Music Foundation.  They are interested in doing a concert with MMIP at Luther Burbank Park again next summer. Last year we paid them $1,000 for a concert (the same as paid to other MMIP musicians).  Karen supports doing so again.  Suzanne made a motion to approve $1,000 for a Russian Chamber Music Foundation concert.  The motion was seconded and passed. 
Community Relations
Joy Langley, Chair
Joy reported that she recently attended a Local Arts Agencies (LAA) meeting sponsored by 4Culture in Shoreline. They gave a great review of everything the Shoreline Arts Council has accomplished.  Joy shared some of the highlights of the presentation. Joy reported that 4Culture indicated that they would like to have an LAA meeting here on Mercer Island.
Indoor Gallery:
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
Linda reported that the Gallery Selection Committee met last week to review applications for the 2016 gallery exhibit year.  Once artists have been notified and commit to showing, a gallery schedule will be forthcoming.
Linda asked for volunteers to help hang the upcoming MIVAL Holiday show on October 31.  Paulette volunteered Ralph’s assistance if he is available.  An Tootill said she might be able to help as well.  The show starts November 2 and the artists’ reception will be November 5, 6:30 to 8 pm.
Public Art:
An Tootill, Chair
An reported that the Public Art Committee met and discussed the placement of the Twin Foxes sculpture at City Hall.  They have chosen a spot for placement near a wall at the front of city hall that faces the parking lot, but is not directly by the door.  This area is already pretty busy.  She stated that the sculptures do not yet have a pedestal.  Amber indicated that the company hired to do the install will provide the pedestal.
An spoke about the public art bike trail that they have been working on. She said that there had been a problem with accessing the Artech database to pull the information regarding location (GPS). Artech has a new website and that problem has been resolved, but it is still somewhat clumsy for what she has in mind. She suggested we develop a simple database spreadsheet for this purpose.  Another hurdle is the fact that she had hoped to ask to help in figuring out the best routes and if in fact, they can be bicycled, from a bicycle shop on Mercer Island.  Unfortunately, the two that were on the island have both gone out of business. It was suggested that there are many bicycling clubs on Mercer Island that use the Mercer Island trails, and one of them might be willing to help; e.g. Cascade Bicycle Club to name one.
An reported that she thought the Art Uncorked event was successful.  She reported that there was an incident where a sculpture was climbed on and knocked over.  The artist had to be called and asked to come back and re-secure the pieces.  Amber stated that it is the artist’s responsibility to secure their pieces at installation, and it didn’t sound like this piece was adequately secured.  Since it is a public open space, access can’t be limited.  However, it was agreed that it may be time to add signage to the effect that these sculptures are artwork and should not be climbed on.
Susanne Zahniser reported on the status of the Luther Burbank playground mural.  She reviewed the project for those who weren’t familiar with it.  José Orantes, the artist, has completed the mural and it has been sent to the tile company.  Sandy Glass will be working on the mural with elementary and middle school children.  Workshops are planned and have been publicized for January, February and March.
Erin Vivion gave a special preview of “Dance for Parkinson’s” film trailer and program.  Erin explained that she wanted to give the mini-presentation tonight to introduce the program, and because the film is screening on November 8th in Seattle.  She stated that it is her intent to give a full presentation on this along with additional ideas on how to bring more dance into what the Arts Council does at next month’s Arts Council meeting.  
Staff Report:
Amber Britton
Amber presented mock-ups for the outdoor gallery sculpture signs.  One of the hold-ups with getting these signs out is that not all of the pieces are on STQRY.  However, our new Recreation Assistant is busy uploading this information.  Once that is done, and now that you have decided to take the park name off of the signs, we can go forward with the signs right away.
With regard to naming the outdoor gallery, Amber stated that this will have to go into the Arts Council’s Work Plan for 2016 so that it can be officially approved by City Council.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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