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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:39 pm by Chair, An Tootill.
Roll Call
Members Present: An Tootill, Paulette Bufano, Linda Iwanyk, Karen Kaser, Erin Vivion, and Suzanne Zahniser. Absent: Jack Emick, Allie Roodman, Rene Stratton, Joy Langley, and Joy Liechty
City Council:
Council Member Jeff Sanderson  
Amber Britton and Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Approval of Minutes:
Linda Iwanyk motioned to approve the regular Arts Council minutes of December 9, 2015.   The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
An Tootill, Chair
  • Introduction and Welcome:  City Council Member Jeff Sanderson was introduced as the new City Council Liaison to the Arts Council. 
  • Announcement of New Board Chairs: 
Community Relations Chair:Joy Langley
Special Projects Chair:Rene Stratton
Public Arts:Erin Vivion
An stated that members do not hold a board position, are asked to volunteer as associates to either the Indoor or Outdoor Gallery Committees.Both of these committees are in need of support.

  • Arts Council Retreat: An stated that since the Arts Council is scheduled to take their annual report and 2016 work plan to the City Council in March, it looks like February would be a good time to reschedule the retreat.  She reminded everyone that the retreat will determine the focus for the rest of this year, so this is the time to present ideas for Arts Council projects that are of interest. She asked each member to bring an idea to discuss and consider.  Amber will send out an email to coordinate best dates and times for everyone.
  • Public Art Tour:  An stated that the Public Art Tour is a project for an online map showing all public art on the island.  She asked for a volunteer to take this project to completion.  Once the pieces are finished being uploaded to STQRY, we will have the QR codes to add to plaques for all of the pieces on the island.  There were no volunteers, so An will bring it up again at the retreat. An requested that information be added to the Arts Council public art page directing the public to STQRY.
Mostly Music in the Park
Karen Kaser, Chair
Karen reported that the deadline for band submissions is January 15.  We anticipate 60-70 submissions by the deadline.  With the assistance of committee members, these will be narrowed down to five bands for Mostly Music in the Park performances.
Erin Vivion asked if  a kidís band has ever played at MMIP.  Amber stated that kids seem to enjoy the music no matter what it is.  She said that MI Preschool Association has in the past  sponsored one kidís concert which they elected to include with MMIP.  They still do the concert but not in conjunction with MMIP.  They felt it wasnít recognized as a Preschool Association concert and that it got lost when included with MMIP. Someone could reach out to them again. Nancy Stewart volunteered to be a part of MMIP one year.  She has some new programs that are rolling out this year with Parks & Recreation this summer.  
Community Relations
Joy Langley, Chair
No Report
Indoor Gallery:
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
Linda reported that the current gallery show, Korean-American Artists of Washington, was hung in the gallery last Saturday.  She thanked Karen Kaser for her assistance.  The artistsí reception is scheduled for Saturday, January 16, 1-3 pm.
An stated that she will ask Joy Leichty and Allie Roodman to take serve as Gallery Associates.
Public Art:
No Report.
Paulette Bufano, Chair
Paulette reported that she knows author Elizabeth George and she would like to ask her to be the guest speaker at the next Arts Council/Island Books Meet the Author program.  She hasnít yet approached the new owners of Island Books and isnít sure what their reception will be.  Councilman Sanders said that he knows Laurie, owner of Island Books, and would be willing to make an introduction.  Amber said that Aljoya was the original location for the Meet the Author program and she is confident that should Island Books not be interested, it could most likely be held there.
Staff Report:
Amber Britton
  • Review of Arts Council Manual: Amber reviewed Committee Chair positions and responsibilities, indicating where this information can be located in the Arts Council Manual.  She suggested each of the committee chairs review last yearís work plan to get a better idea of what that committee does.  She offered to meet with anyone that would like more information.
  • Public Art:   Amber reviewed the process for getting new public art approved. There are two ways; (1) with a Special Agenda Bill or (2) by planning ahead and putting it into the work plan.  The latter is the preferred way to do it.  No separate agenda bill required.  Public art purchases are funded by the 1% for the Arts fund.  Amber will bring a current 1% for the Arts fund statement to the next meeting.
  • Project Proposal Form:  Amber distributed copies of the Project Proposal Form.  She reminded everyone that the first step for any project they want to do, including art, is to fill out this form.  She agreed to email additional copies to everyone and suggested they complete copies for any projects that they will bringing to the retreat for consideration.
  • Youth Theatre Northwest Grant Request:  Amber reported that the Arts Council request to make a grant to Youth Theatre Northwest was not approved.  Though the Arts Council did not expend its entire budget, the Parks Department revenue was less than projected in 2015.  Therefore, there is no money available for the grant.  Amber suggested that if the Arts Council would like to request grants next year that they budget for them and write it into the 2016 work plan.
  • Twin Foxes:  Should be installed at City Hall this month.  Landscaping will follow.
  • MIVAL Art for MMIP:  Amber asked MIVAL liaison Bob Still if MIVAL is still on board to provide three pieces of art for consideration for the MMIP poster.  Bob indicated that MIVAL is accepting applications from MIVAL artists.  Amber requested that 3 pieces of artwork be brought to the March Arts Council meeting so a final selection can be made.
Bob asked if a bigger deal could be made out of choosing an artist.Perhaps make the connection more obvious that a local artist did the Artwork.An Tootill suggested including the MIVAL Gallery as well as the artist.Bob said he would have to run it by the board.

Suzanne suggested putting the art on display in the gallery for a while.Amber said it could easily be placed on a separate easel with a blurb explaining that it was chosen to represent MMIP.
Suzanne Zahniser reported that Sandy Glass and Jose Orantes are in the midst of working with the kids on the mosaic art.  She said everyone can follow along on Sandyís Blog.  Amber reported that Sandy was able to secure additional funding for the mosaic in the form of a donation and a grant. 
Suzanne stated that Manuel Cawaling, Executive Director, and Jessi Wasson, Development Director of Youth Theatre Northwest requested to attend the next Arts Council meeting to present a Youth Theatre Northwest update.  She asked that they be added to the agenda under appearances.
The meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm

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