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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair, An Tootill at 6:40 pm.
Roll Call
Members Present: An Tootill, Karen Kaser, Joy Langley, Rene Stratton and, and Erin Vivion.  Members Absent: Allie Roodman, Joy Liechty, and Suzanne Zahniser
City Council:
Council Member Jeff Sanderson was absent
Amber Britton
Mercer Island high school students Ellie Diederich and Sam Pirie attended tonight’s meeting to observe as part of a school project on community action.
Arts Council candidate Amy Barnes. Due to the lateness of the City Council meeting, Amber is unsure whether or not she was appointed at the last meeting, so she will observe tonight.
Approval of Minutes:
Chair An Tootill asked for corrections or additions to the May 11, 2016 meeting minutes.  There were none forthcoming.  She called for a motion and vote.  The motion was made, seconded and passed.
Chair Report:
An Tootill, Chair
An reported that the EAFA gallery show was hung this past weekend.  The reception is tomorrow night, June 9, at 6:30 pm.
An stated that there is currently no gallery chair.  She is hopeful that someone will step forward to take this position prior to scheduling the 2017 gallery shows this fall.
Erin Vivion and Joy Langley will be in charge of the next show, which will be hung on Saturday, July 22.  In preparation of the hanging, An offered to review the contents of the gallery cabinet with them.
Samples of newly designed outdoor sculpture garden signs were reviewed.  An felt that they can be simplified.  She suggested removing some of the logos and using white text on a plain black background.  And, if the piece is for sale, adding a line of text indicating that this piece is for sale.  Following a discussion of the proposed changes, An Tootill made a motion to change the design of the signs to a simple sign, preferably black and white, with only the city logo, QR code, title and artist, and whether the artwork is for sale.  The motion was seconded and passed with one abstention from Karen Kaser.
Amber stated that she will give Rene Stratton and Erin Vivion the manufacturing company’s information.  They will contact them to discuss these changes to the sign.
Literary & Shakespeare:
An Tootill stated that the first Shakespeare performance is July 7.  She called for volunteers for the Thursday through Sunday performances.  She indicated that all that is required is a short introduction and a statement that these performances are sponsored by the Mercer Island Arts Council.  Joy Langley volunteered for the July 7th performance.  Upon further discussion it was discovered that other Arts Council members present were unavailable or out of town that weekend.  In light of this, An requested that staff send out an inquiry prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting to find out if there will be enough attendees to guarantee a quorum.  If not, the meeting should be cancelled.
Mostly Music in the Park
Karen Kaser, Chair
Karen provided an Expense Projection for the Community Dance. This project consists of an Eastern swing dance lesson and social dance to be held at the Mercer Island VFW Hall.  Originally scheduled for January 21, it has been moved to January 28th.
Karen felt that in order to be successful the Community Dance is going to take organizational energy.  She stated that she needs someone else to handle the business end – marketing, ticket sales, etc.  Amber Britton stated that she will take care of the contracts, setting up and selling tickets, however, as an Arts Council event, it should be managed and ran by the Arts Council.
Joy Langley volunteered to look into the possibility of a grant from 4Culture.  The request would need to come someone outside of the Arts Council.  She will also create a page about possible marketing opportunities.  An Tootill requested that Karen speak to Art Levitt about sponsoring the dance instruction so that Joy can proceed with the grant request.
Amber Britton is checking with the city to see if it will be permissible to serve alcohol.  She felt certain that there would be a requirement to have a professional organization for pouring.  She stated that the ability to sell tickets through the community center or online already exists. In order to discourage people from waiting until the day of the dance, it was suggested that the price could be higher when purchased the day of or at the door. 
Amber pointed out that the Parks Department regular offers Parents Night Out. She will check with the Rec Team to see if they want to offer one on the night of the dance.  Joy Langley will also check with the JCC.
Community Relations
Joy Langley, Chair
Joy reported that Island Books marketing of the poet Laureate partnership was great.  Attendance was good, and people that came to the workshops came to every event.  Poet Laureate is Todd Marshall was pleased and has indicated that he would like to come back.  
Joy suggested some improvements for the future:
  • Better coordinated marketing, earlier advertising and more lead time.
  • Having someone to welcome guests
  • City Council involvement
  • Timing – push it into winter.  It was a nice night and people were out doing other things.
Indoor Gallery:
(See Chair Report)
Public Art & Outdoor Gallery:
Erin Vivion, Chair
Outdoor Gallery:  Erin Vivion presented a project proposal for Renaming/Dedication of the I-90 Outdoor Gallery.  The newly proposed name would be “Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery”.  There was a brief discussion to confirm that her family is in agreement with the proposal.
Karen Kaser motioned that we rename the Outdoor Gallery to Gretta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Amber stated that the next step will be for her to take it to the Parks Director for approval. It can then go to the City Council in September and become a part of the next budget.
Erin distributed copies of letters from elementary students that recently visited the Outdoor Gallery.  Amber said they came to the Arts Council through Recreation Superintendent Diane Mortenson.  She will check with her to find out the name of the teacher and let Erin know.
An Tootill reminded everyone that the two Shawn Marie Johnson sculptures are scheduled to be picked up this month.  She asked Amber to contact the artist and coordinate with her.
Staff Report:
Amber Britton
Open Public Meetings Act TrainingAmber reported that City Clerk, Ali Spietz, will be in attendance at the next meeting.  She asked everyone to read this section in their manuals and bring their questions to the meeting.  As some members indicated they may be on vacation during July, Amber will send out a roll-call email prior to scheduling.
Luther Burbank Playground Mosaic:  This children’s portion of this project will be installed before they are out of school.  The artist, Jose Orantes, portion is expected to be delivered and installed in July.
2015 Annual Report & 2016 Work Plan:  Amber distributed copies and requested corrections be sent to her for revision prior to presenting to the City Council.  City Councilman Jeff Sanderson was unable to attend tonight’s meeting, but provided the following comments:
  1. “The 2015/2016 Arts Council report and work plan was part of our eventful agenda on Monday. It was on the consent calendar, which means it was not presented or discussed explicitly in session, but several council members did speak with me about it to express their positive feedback on all that is done by this group. They were surprised by the quantity and quality of activities, which contribute so positively to our community.”
  2. “In previewing the notion of the art project on WSDOT’s concrete wall at the West Mercer exit of I-90, again a number of council members expressed enthusiasm and are looking forward to hearing updates about the project.  Please let me know where this stands, and how I can help further anything along.”
MMIP Poster and New All Island Mailers:  Amber passed around copies of the completed poster.  She reported that in lieu of putting the MMIP schedule into the utility billing, it was included on an all island mailer which in addition to MMIP advertises all the summer fun in the Parks.  The cost will be split between the Arts Council and the Parks & Recreation Department.
Summer Celebration Sponsorship Opportunities:
Amber presented seven possibilities for Arts Council sponsorship at Summer Celebration.  The Arts Council determined that they will sponsor “Silent Disco” and the “Community Karaoke”.
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm

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