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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Vice Richard Erwin called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 
Chair Richard Erwin, Vice Chair Colin Brandt; Commissioners Anthony Perez, Lara Sanderson, Tami Szerlip, Commissioners Hui Tian and Susanne Foster were absent.
Evan Maxim, Planning Manager; Christina Schuck, Assistant City Attorney; Nicole Gaudette, Senior Planner; were present.
The Commission reviewed the minutes from the November 9, 2016 meeting. Commissioner Szerlip stated that “glacier” was misspelled. Commissioner Szerlip made a motion to adopt the minutes as amended. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Brandt. The minutes were approved as amended by a vote of 4-0 with Commissioner Sanderson abstaining.
Agenda Item #1: Final Design Review Shorewood Heights Building A – 3209 Shorewood Drive
Evan Maxim, Planning Manager, provided a brief staff presentation on the project, which includes the creation of 57 new apartment units and 132 parking stalls.
Charles Strazzara highlighted several aspects of the Shorewood project. Charles described the general theme for improving the standard of living, including property infrastructure improvements, and life safety improvements. The presentation included existing site overview, proposed building site context, and project perspective.
He discussed changes that occurred as a result of the previous Design Commission review.  Charles Strazzara also responded to questions from Commissioners related to lighting, roof modulation, architectural details, pedestrian walkways, access points, and consistencies in plans.
Additional information was provided by Aidan Bird, who responded to questions from Commissioners related to fenestration.
Mark Brumbaugh, Landscape Architect, Brumbaugh & Associates, described the site plan and proposed landscaping. He stated that some lighting has been added to the parking lot. In addition, Mark answered questions from the Commission regarding lighting and the allowed impervious surface on site.
Public Comment
Eric McQueen - lives at Shorewood – He was evicted from his garage that he was using for storage.
Dave Christie  905 E Shorewood Dr  -   He is being evicted from his garage that he was for storage. The building he lives in is old and decaying. The old building that he lives in should be fixed before a new building is constructed.
The Design Commission asked if the public comments are in their purview. Evan explained that parking is reviewed as part of building permit review.
Christina Schuck responded to the Commission’s question about who is responsible for water damage.
Commissioner Brandt moved to grant the Shorewood Building A and site improvements final design approval for construction of a new building, parking, site improvements, and landscaping for a 3-story apartment building as shown in Exhibit 1, and as conditioned by the December 14, 2016 staff report to the Design Commission. Commissioner Sanderson seconded the motion. It passed unanimously, 5-0.
The following items were struck from the staff report as part of the motion:
Page 9, under Staff Findings related to building articulation, strike the last bold sentence regarding building fenestration and design.
Page 11, under continuation of Staff Findings that start on page 10, Item 5, the last two sentences relating to entrance location and pedestrian access.
Page 14, under Staff Findings at the bottom third of the page, strike the second paragraph.
Page 20, the bottom of page under Staff Findings, strike “additional information is needed…” that is related to landscaping.
Page 21, strike “Exhibit 1 contains a site lighting plan…”
Agenda Item #2: Preliminary and Final Design Approval Revision to Hadley Building Sign Locations
Nicole Gaudette, Senior Planner, provided a brief staff presentation on the project, which reflects a change to the proposed wall sign configuration, originally approved with the Hadley Design Review. 
Nicole Gaudette reviewed the proposed sign design and its compliance with the adopted standards of the Town Center Design Standards (MICC 19.11).
Following review of a Design Commission question, Evan Maxim, Planning Manager withdrew the City’s recommendation and requested that the Design Commission continue all of the public hearings to a later date.
PLANNED ABSENCES FOR FUTURE MEETINGS: Commissioner Sanderson will be absent from the January 11th meeting.
The next scheduled meeting is January 11th, 2016.
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 PM.

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