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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair, An Tootill at 6:35 pm.

Roll Call
Members Present: An Tootill, Amy Barnes, Karen Kaser, Joy Langley, Joy Liechty, Matt Lome, Angelina Odievich, Jessica Prince, Rene Stratton and Erin Vivion
Members Absent: None

City Council:
Council Member Jeff Sanderson

Amber Britton, Kai Fulginiti, Eileen Hemmis Trifts

Approval of Minutes:
Page 2, Chair Report, Welcome New Members and Page 4, Eileen Hemmis Trifts Report, 3rd paragraph, 1st sentence. Correct spelling of Matt Lome’s last name from Loam to Lome. 
Page 3, Renaming Outdoor Gallery, first sentence.  Correct spelling of Greta Hackett’s first name from Gretta to Greta.
Special Projects Committee Report, page 2, second paragraph, line 1, insert the words “the banners are” between the words “since” and “not”. The corrected sentence would read, “Amber said that since the banners are not in the current work plan, it will need to be included in the Arts Council’s 2017 work plan, it won’t go in front of the City Council before then.”

Joy Langley made a motion to accept the November 9, 2016 minutes as corrected.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Chair Report:
An Tootill, Chair
No Report.


Public Art & Outdoor Gallery
Erin Vivion
No Report 

Special Projects
Rene Stratton
No Report.

Mostly Music in the Park
Joy Liechty, Chair
Joy put forth a proposal that the Arts Council consider renaming/rebranding Mostly Music in the Park as a way to revitalize and refresh this program.  She felt this might spark some new interest thereby increasing concert attendance.  She stated that an ancillary benefit of a rebrand might end up resulting in an increase in applications from more original bands, and fewer cover bands.

Amber suggested the Arts Council come up with some new names and then ask the public to vote them at Summer Celebration and throughout the summer. Responding to a suggestion that the make-up of the series could change as well, Joy stated that she would like to retain the total number of concerts, but the program could be tweaked to add other kinds of performances, e.g., dance.

Joy Langley summarized what the timeline might look like in order to accomplish the rebranding/renaming by the 2018 concert season:
January & February – brainstorm and come up with names.
Over the summer – conduct a public survey to choose the name
September – Evaluate
October – Finalize the name

Community Relations
Joy Langley, Chair
No Report.

Indoor Gallery
Staff member Eileen Hemmis Trifts reported that there is a January exhibit scheduled in the gallery. She asked for volunteers to hang the show. The hanging is scheduled on Saturday, January 7, from 11 am to 2 pm.  Amy Barnes, Jessica Prince and Angelina Odievich volunteered to hang the show.  Eileen email the details.

Matt Lome proposal
Matt Lome put forth a proposal for the Arts Council to sponsor a community musical recital at the Mercer Island VFW Hall. Musicians from Mercer Island and near-by neighboring communities participate in an “Open-Mic-Invitational”, with each musician or act performing 3-5 songs.  It will not be a typical open mic, but a merit based invitational. The event would be a fundraiser for Local Veterans of Foreign Wars with donations accepted at the door.  Matt reported that he and Ben Starnes, a Veteran on Mercer Island, successfully hosted the first Community Concert in 2014. There were approximately 80 people in attendance.

The proposal is for 4 shows, one per season at a cost of $500 each for a total of $2,000.
Show costs would include $300 sound engineer with a PA system and a $200 expenditure for beer, wine and finger food. Money will be generated from the sale of beer and wine. Matt suggested that this would be donated to the VFW. Amber noted that City involvement changes how alcohol sales can be made.  A food handler’s permit would also most likely be required.  The details would need to be worked out in advance.  Matt said that he would be willing to MC the event.  Amber thought that Joe Bryant at the high school radio station would be excellent to partner with in some way.  She is confident that he would be interested.

Matt stated that he has already contacted the VFW and they are behind it. 

An Tootill felt this would be a great addition since there is nothing else like it on the Island.  She suggested that there is a lot going on in the spring and summer so they might want to limit it to two performances, one in each February and October.

An stated that she would like to see more information added to the proposal with regard to how it could be promoted, and how performers can be attracted as well as how they would be judged and selected.  Matt will add this information to the proposal.

Community Dance Update
Karen Kaser

Karen reported that she, Patty Spar and Kai have been working on this. 
Tell your friends about the dance and get them to come.  Flyers are out at the Community Center and the Library will be putting them out in January.
The Chamber of Commerce is providing the alcohol sales. Their logo will need to be added to the flyer.  Kai will add their logo and send copies out to everyone.
Ari Levitt has agreed to arrange for an exhibition dance at the break as well as a line dance lesson.
An article is planned for the Mercer Island Reporter in January as well as a posting on Facebook and in the Mercer Island Monthly Newsletter. 
Kai will be handling the gate with Patty Spar from the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is taking care of the liquor sales and license.
One hundred forty is the max occupancy for the VFW.  There are 125 tickets for sale, so that leaves about 15 for the guest list which will include the sound man, band, dancers, Patty Spar’s group, etc. Karen will get the guest list nailed down.
The VFW doesn’t recycle.  Karen and Patty would like to recycle as much as they can. Erin may have contacts that would be willing to help with the recycling.

Staff Report
Kai Fulginiti

Annual Report: Kai called for information and pictures from Committee Chairs for the Annual Report.  Information is needed by the January Arts Council meeting so that the final can be approved at the February meeting.

2017 Chair and Vice Chair Elections:
Nominations for Chair were opened.  Rene Stratton nominated An Tootill to continue as chair.  The nomination was seconded and passed with a show of hands.
Nominations for Vice Chair were opened.  An Tootill nominated Rene Stratton.  The nomination was seconded and passed unanimously by a show of hands.

An reported that Committee Chairs will be announced in January. An asked that members give consideration to vacant positions - Gallery and Literary Committee Chairs. 

An interest sheet was put out and members indicated their committee interest. 

Below are the results from the interest sheet.
Special Projects, Chair, Rene Stratton
  Amy Barnes
Community Relations, Chair, Joy Langley
  Amy Barnes, Joy Liechty
Mostly Music in the Park, Chair, Joy Liechty
  Angelina Odievich (listening), Amy Barnes, Erin Vivion, Jessica Prince, Karen Kaser (alternate)
Literary, Chair, Vacant
  Jessica Prince and Matt Lome
Public Art, Chair, Erin Vivion
  Amy Barnes, Rene Stratton
Gallery, Chair, Vacant
  Angelina Odievich (sculpture garden & gallery hangings), Amy Barnes, Matt Lome, Karen Kaser

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

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