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Mercer Island Library Board - Minutes     
Monday, January 23, 2017

Board member Sandi Lindstrom called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm at the Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island WA.
Board Members Sara Berkenwald, Sandi Lindstrom, Alice MacCormack, Lori Robinson, and Richard Winslow were present. Chair Mary Kay Woolston and board member Tim Ong were absent. Council Liaison Councilmember Jeff Sanderson was present.  City staff was represented by Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director.  KCLS staff was represented by Jennifer Wiseman, KCLS Project Manager, and John Sheller, Government Relations Manager.
Board Member Lori Robinson moved to approve the minutes from the November 28, 2016 meeting as submitted.  Board Member Sara Berkenwald seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously approved the minutes.
Catherine Reece, KCLS Library Tech at the Mercer Island branch, spoke about the staff rotations in the KCLS. She discussed the benefits and concerns of the current system. Catherine recently submitted her thoughts for change through the program “Right Idea”. This program allows staff to submit ideas for change through an online system for further review. Board member Sandi Lindstrom thanked Catherine for sharing and stated that the board would further discuss the topic.
Agenda Item #1 – Welcomes
Acting chair Lindstrom introduced Sara Berkenwald as the newest board member and welcomed her to the Mercer Island Library Board. Sara grew up on Mercer Island and is a University of Washington and Seattle University graduate. She is the mother of two children and currently a practicing estate planning attorney.
John Sheller, KCLS Government Relations Manager was introduced. He currently is working with library regional managers, advisory boards and is a member of their Strategy Department.
Tammy Bodmer, Senior Administrative Assistant with Mercer Island Parks & Recreation was introduced as the new recording secretary.
Agenda Item #2 – KCLS New Strategic Plan
Jennifer Wiseman presented an overview of the KCLS strategic plan. The committee has compiled input from the external community conversations, interviews with King County leaders, and community questionnaires that were collected. The themes and trends were compiled and they are currently in the process of refining the different possible directions they can proceed. The strategic planning committee will have two upcoming meetings for the public to give input and feedback on the strategic plan direction. The dates are February 28th and March 1st at 6:30 pm.  Following the meetings, the planning committee will refine their direction and create a 3-5 year plan. They anticipate the plan to look much different than in the past. In previous years, it has been more internally focused and the new look will be more community focused.
Agenda Item #3 – Volunteer Opportunities at the library
Table for March meeting as Debi Westwood was absent.
Lori Robinson noted the following events she was aware of:
  • Island Park and Lakeridge - Global Reading Program helpers needed
  • JCC upcoming puppet show volunteers needed.
Lori will contact Debi and have her forward details to Bruce Fletcher for distribution.
Agenda Item #4 – KCLS Organizational Structures & Finances
Jennifer Wiseman gave an overview of the 2017 organizational structure, budget overview, financial strategy and budget planning scenario for the KCLS. She distributed a handout with detailed information in all these areas. Several highlights included: KCLS is an independent taxing district; 98% of funds are from property taxes; budget planning for next year starts in August 2017; Foundation provides approximately $750,000 annually to support programs and services; Friends of the Library is very active in some branches.  Richard Winslow mentioned that there were possible concerns from patrons that the library was taking on too much of a social services role.
Agenda Item #5 – List of KCLS Presentation Topics
Table for March meeting as Mary Kay Woolston was absent and she had list of topics.
Sandi Lindstrom suggested discussing outreach services.
Suggestion that possible presentation in the future from Friends of Library.
Bruce Fletcher will solicit input for presentation topics prior to the March meeting for discussion.
Agenda Item #6 – KCLS Board Updates
Lori Robinson spoke about the union negotiations that have been in process since January 2016. Key issues include cost of living, medical benefits and part time employee benefits.
Board Member Comments -
Sandi Lindstrom noted that the Webinar on “Teaching your Trustees to be Tech Savy” was coming up on 1/26/17 from 12pm-1pm. Bruce will send reminder email to board.
Lori Robinson would like to see an updated organization chart for KCLS
KCLS Staff Report – Library Activities Report
Debi Westwood provided reports via email prior to the meeting and Bruce will distribute to the board members via email.
Jennifer Wiseman stated that they were in the process of planning the 75th anniversary of the KCLS. There will be an unveiling of the special commemorative card which was the result of the “Design your own card” contest.
Mercer Island Staff Report
Bruce Fletcher noted that there is still a vacancy for the Assistant Chair. It was agreed to submit nominations and vote at the next meeting. He spoke about the hiring of City Manager Julie Underwood. Several board members suggested inviting her to an upcoming meeting.
Agenda Items for Next Meeting
  • Regionalization
  • Assistant chair nominations
  • Volunteer opportunities at the library
  • KCLS Presentation topics
Announcements & Communications
Lori reminded the board that anyone can donate books, cd’s and dvd’s to the Friends of the Library. She also stated that if there were large amounts they could arrange for pick up.
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, March 27, 2016, at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library.
The Mercer Island Library Board meeting was adjourned at 6:58 pm.

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