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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair, An Tootill at 6:35 pm.
Roll Call
Members Present: An Tootill, Amy Barnes, Karen Kaser, Joy Langley, Joy Liechty, Matt Lome, Angelina Odievich, Jessica Prince and Rene Stratton
Members Absent: Erin Vivion
City Council:
Council Member Jeff Sanderson was absent.
Diane Mortenson, Kai Fulginiti, Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Beth Dudycha and Becky McKanna, Co-Presidents, Mercer Island Preschool Association (MIPA)
Beth informed the Arts Council that MIPA voted to donate $40,000 to help build a play structure for the South Mercer Playfields (aka Rainbow Park). Their purpose for appearing is to ask the Arts Council to brainstorm with them to come up with something very unique.  Everyone agreed that something similar to the water and drums at the Cedar River Watershed Educational Center would be desirable. An Tootill suggested that they come up with a theme and bring it to the Arts Council as a proposal.  She suggested they do so prior to the Arts Council’s Annual Retreat in February or March, where they will be determining their focus for the coming year. 
Beth and Becky thanked the Arts Council and left the meeting.
An Tootill made a motion that the Arts Council partner with MIPA in supporting an artistic component to the South Mercer Playfield.  The specifics to be determined at a later date.
The motion was seconded by Rene Stratton and passed unanimously.
It was agreed that additional funding beyond the $40,000 committed by MIPA would be needed for a project similar to the one at the Cedar River Watershed Educational Center.  It was felt that some of the many user groups at this facility as well as past MIPA members could be tapped for additional funding. Another consideration might be selling bricks similar to those sold for Luther Burbank Park and Mercerdale Park in the past.
Approval of Minutes:
Karen Kaser made a motion to accept the December 14, 2016 minutes as presented.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
An Tootill, Chair
Chair Position Appointments and Reaffirms
An reported that current chairs have agreed to continue for another year.
Rene Stratton – Special Projects
Joy Liechty – Mostly Music in the Park
Joy Langley – Community Relations,
Erin Vivion – Public Art
She asked for volunteers for the Gallery and the Literary Committees.
Amy Barnes and Angelina Odievich volunteered to Co-Chair the Gallery.  Amy will be responsible for the Indoor Gallery and Angelina for the Outdoor Gallery.
Matt Lome volunteered to chair the Literary Committee.
An asked that council members who are not chairing a committee support the Gallery Committee.
Public Art & Outdoor Gallery:  
Erin Vivion, Chair
Kai reported that Cyclemates has decided on a location where they would like to put their sculpture.  However, it is on WSDOT property.  Staff will be looking into agreements with WSDOT to see if this is a possibility.
Special Projects
Rene Stratton, Chair
Banner Update:  Rene reported that she and Kai will be meeting to put together a packet to present to the City Council for approval.  Once approved, it can then be added to the 2017 work plan.
Mostly Music in the Park
Joy Liechty, Chair
Joy reported that 50 band applications have been received to date.  The deadline submission deadline is January 24th.  February 10 is the hard deadline for picking bands in order to get into the Rec Guide.  A review committee meeting will be scheduled soon.  MMIP has a decreased budget and potentially six bands.  Kai clarified that the Russian Chamber concert $1,000 payment will come out of MMIP funds.  Additionally, Shakespeare in the Park has requested an increase, the first in five years.  Kai stated that the Recreation Superintendent is aware of the situation and said that, if needed, it is possible that money can be found elsewhere in the budget.  She asked Joy to let her know if that is the case.  Joy asked about the policy around a go fund me campaign.  Kai said she could check into it.
Community Relations
Joy Langley, Chair
No Report.
Indoor Gallery
Amy Barnes, Chair
Amy reported that she, Jessica Prince and Angelina Odievich worked together to hang the latest Gallery Exhibit on January 9th.  There was an inadequate supply of hooks for the number of pieces that were hung. Another thing that made it difficult was that the center was busy and we were encroaching on one another.  Further discussion resulted in the confirmation that hangings have to be done on a weekend day and that Sunday was not an option because of the number of church groups that rent space on that day. Kai stated that the gallery is part of the open public space and that renters are advised in advance of this fact.  If they challenge you about the public space, you can let them know nicely that it is a public space and refer them to the customer service staff.
General and Ad Hoc Committees:
Community Dance Update: Karen Kaser
Karen reported that the Reporter Ad for the Community Dance didn’t stand out very well. The final design was pretty, but the text was too small and it seemed like there was a big hole in the middle.  Karen felt it was difficult to tell what it was for. Additional advertising includes placing posters in businesses and public spaces.  Arts Council members will post online on Next Door.  Karen reported that Katy Metzger is also going to interview her for a piece in the Mercer Island Reporter.
Community Concert Update: Matt Lome
Matt updated his proposal from four concerts in the coming year to doing just one in the spring as a trial. If it proves to be successful, then consider doing more. He stated that he would like to get a date set and on the VFW schedule.  Kai suggested a fall date due to the fact that this is something the Arts Council will want to discuss at their spring retreat so an earlier date may be too soon.  It was agreed to shoot for a fall concert. With regard to performers for the concert, Matt stated that he would curate entries. An Tootill stated that she would like to be sure that auditions are open to the public.  Joy Langley suggested coordination with MMIP.
Staff Report: 
Kai Fulginiti
  • Kai reminded committee chairs to send in their chair reports to be included in the 2016 Annual Report.
  • Kai reported that the Russian Chamber concert has been scheduled for Saturday, August 19th.
  • Kai shared a graphic depiction of a Sound Transit proposal to temporarily relocate two existing sculptures to locations on the other side of the path and directly adjacent to the curved Mercer Island sign during construction of the Mercer Island station. She reported that Sound Transit has agreed to relocate them to a permanent location chosen by the Arts Council at the end of construction.
  • Kai reported that she and An have come up with some possible dates in February and March for the retreat.She will poll members to see what works best for everyone. 
The meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

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