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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair, An Tootill at 6:35 pm.
Roll Call
Members Present: An Tootill, Amy Barnes, Karen Kaser, Joy Langley, Joy Liechty, Matt Lome, Angelina Odievich, Jessica Prince, Peter Schaefer, Rene Stratton and Erin Vivion
City Council:
Council Member Jeff Sanderson was absent.
Kai Fulginiti, Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Approval of Minutes:
Rene Stratton requested an amendment to the minutes of the January 11 regular Arts Council meeting under the Special Projects Committee Report on page 2 as follows:
Put a period at the end of the first line, after the word packet.  Amend the last sentence to read “It can then be added to the 2017 work plan for City Council approval.”
An Tootill made a motion to accept the January 11 meeting minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chair Report:
An Tootill, Chair
An welcomed new Arts Council member, Peter Schaefer.  Introductions were made all around.
An shared color samples of new outdoor gallery signs.  The material is melamine, and it will be mounted on a metal stake. Signs will have a QR code, which will require the user to have the STQRY app in order to go to the STQRY site and see Arts Council content.
Special Projects
Rene Stratton, Chair
Mercer Island Artist Directory:
Rene reported that the directory is now live on the website.  We are continuing to take applications.  She asked everyone to help get the word out.  Staff will make sure that it appears in the Mercer Island Weekly and Monthly publications as well as the Recreation Guide.  A call for artists will also be posted on the P&R Facebook page. Members have promoted, and will continue to promote, on Next Door.
Banner Update
Rene reported that she and Kai continue to work on this project.  They are developing the Call for Artists and project details.  In the fall it will be submitted as an agenda bill to the City Council for their approval. Once approved, the Call for Artists can be released. She estimated that it won’t be completed until this time next year.
Mostly Music in the Park
Joy Liechty, Chair
Joy reported that the music committee has been busy listening to bands.  A total of 72 submissions were received.  Out of the submissions, five favorites and 5 alternate bands were chosen plus a sixth band for the last concert.
            Good Co – Swing (electric)
            Chris Staples – Indie
            Joe Rose & the Birdwatchers – New Orleans Honkytonk
            Woodland West
            Evening Bell
            Lemolo – Dreampop (sixth concert which will be on MI Women’s Day)
Community Relations
Joy Langley, Chair
Joy reported that MIPA met with representatives from the Parks & Recreation Department about the Playground at the South Mercer Playfields. The playfields are going to be completely redone this summer so they are planning to break ground in September. She stated that she will keep the Arts Council updated on the art element.  An Tootill suggested that it would be a great opportunity for the Arts Council to do something. If we decide we like the Cedar River water project idea as a group, we could submit our idea to MIPA.  Angelina will contact the artist to find out if he would be interested in doing something and how much he might charge.
Public Art
Erin Vivion, Chair
Erin reported that she, Amy, Rene and Kai recently met, and STQRY is again being worked on.
Erin reported that she is scheduled to go in front of the City Council to ask for approval to rename the outdoor gallery to the Gretta Hacket Outdoor Sculpture Gallery.  Kai indicated that it will either be the February 21st or March 6th City Council meeting. She will know by Friday, and will let everyone know. She stated that if anyone wanted to show support or make a comment, each person is allowed three minutes at the beginning of the meeting to do so. Angelina would like to organize an event once the name change is made. An agreed that a ribbon cutting ceremony would be appropriate. 
There was some discussion as to whether the name “Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery” was too long. There was a lengthy discussion as to if it could be shortened and if so, to what.  It was reconfirmed by a show of hands (nine for) that the Arts Council would like to keep the full, long title of “Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery” 
Erin reported that the Parkinson Dance group is again interested in coming to the Island. An suggested that she follow up with them to see what has changed from their original proposal.
Amy Barnes, Indoor Gallery Co-Chair
Amy reported that the gallery is almost filled for 2017. There is a hanging scheduled on February 25th.  Amy asked for volunteers to help hang the show. Joy Langley and Angelina Odievich both said they would try to help. Hanging will start at 11 am.
Amy stated that she would also like to generate ideas for the receptions. Joy Langley suggested publicizing through the Mercer Island Chamber and My Mercer Island.
Angelina Odievich, Outdoor Gallery Co-Chair
No Report
General and Ad Hoc Committees:
Community Dance Update: Karen Kaser
Karen thanked everyone for their support. The Community Dance was a huge success. The question is whether or not we would consider doing it again, and in what format. She estimated that it cost the Arts Council $641, and she thought that was affordable.  Kai reported that 140 tickets were sold, 120 of which were advance sales. The bar brought in $628, which was not as much as anticipated.
Joy Langley suggested that an annual dance be included in the work plan for next year. An suggested that council members think about it and discuss at the retreat.  Rene volunteered to Chair the ad hoc Dance Committee. She will come up with a timeline for consideration at the retreat.
Congratulations to Karen for such a spectacular event!
Staff Report: 
Kai Fulginiti
Retreat Update: Kai reported that she is working on finding a facilitator for the retreat. She will send out a poll for the date – end of February or early March. The retreat would be 3 or 4 hours on a Saturday.
Ingrid Lahti Sculpture Update: Kai reported that she, Diane Mortenson and Ken Books met with Art Site at the outdoor gallery. They gave us some good ideas, especially where we can put Ingrid Lahti’s Rippling Water Sculpture. They are recommending that Memories of a Heron be moved back on the footpath and Ingrid’s piece be put in its place. The council agreed that they are in favor of moving Memories of a Heron and placing Rippling Waters in the more prominent location.
West Mercer Mural Update: Kai indicated that work is starting on the call for artists for the West Mercer Mural.
The meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm.

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