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Mercer Island Library Board - Minutes     
Monday, March 27, 2017

Chair Mary Kay Woolston called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm at the Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island WA.
Chair Mary Kay Woolston, Board Members Sandi Lindstrom, Sara Berkenwald, Lori Robinson, Alice MacCormack, and Richard Winslow were present. Board member Tim Ong were absent.  Council Liaison Councilmember Jeff Sanderson was present. City staff was represented by Tammy Bodmer, Parks & Recreation Senior Administrative Assistant. Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director was absent. KCLS staff was represented by Debi Westwood, KCLS Cluster Manager and Jennifer Wiseman, KCLS Project Manager.
Minutes were approved after a clarification question was addressed regarding request for updated organization charts.
Agenda Item #1 – KCLS Strategic Plan
Debi Westwood informed the board that she chose to present the KCLS Strategic plan at this meeting instead of the previously planned “volunteer opportunities” as the strategic planning process is moving forward.
Jennifer Wiseman gave a very thorough presentation to the board and shared a PowerPoint outlining the KCLS Strategic Plan with results of surveys, meetings, and interviews.
She informed the board that there was a very large number of responses with many big picture issues, not just library related. Chair Woolston asked where the content from the collected data currently was being housed. Jennifer informed her that it is currently with the consultants as there were over 5,600 participants overall. A handout was distributed which outlined the three scenarios of direction that KCLS will go with based on feedback. Jennifer asked for board to participate in a quick survey online to give their feedback.
Board member Lindstrom asked if this was to be given to the public and Jennifer said that at this time it is for the advisory boards, city council, and select groups. Board member Robinson asked what the timeframe was and Jennifer Wiseman informed the group she would like responses by March 31st. She also informed the board that this is a 3-5 year plan and the plan is to start planning by May or June 2017.
Jennifer also informed the board that KCLS will be soliciting input from community on the Mission and Vision through a new survey coming soon.
Board member Winslow commented that we need to be realistic as to what KCLS can do as there were a pretty broad spectrum of issues. Jennifer agreed that there are many issues that are beyond KCLS’s bandwidth. Debi Westwood added that the KCLS is wanting to narrow down the issues to help each community address programming and services that they can offer.
Board member Lindstrom suggested looking into ways for some of the classes, workshop, and programs to be offered not only in person, but also online so that people can still be able to get the information if not able to attend. Jennifer stated that they are looking for ways to take down some of the barriers that keep people from participating.
Agenda Item #2 – List of KCLS Presentation Topics
Chair Woolston asked the board to submit three topics that they would like to see the KCLS Staff present at future meetings. Board will email her before the next meeting. Several ideas shared were:
  • Information about what kind of tech training is available at this library.
  • What are the programs that are most beloved and what other ones are really popular at other locations that we may not know about here at MI Library.
  • What kind of programs are available to teens that they actually like.
  • Technology & Website – thorough training on the KCLS website – interested in having this yearly.
  • What the library lends – technology related
  • Data conversation – how busy is library, circulation, holds, etc.
Board member Lindstrom asked if there were computers with cd drives to listen to cd’s at the library. Debi Westwood stated that the laptops do and they are available to checkout at the front desk.
Agenda Item #3 – Maintenance Facility Checklist update
  • Debi Westwood informed the board that there is a new sideways rocking chair near the Friends of the Library area. Hopes are that the new style will alleviate the wall being scraped by the rocking motion.Remodel punch list should be done. Please inform Debi if there is anything that still needs attention. 
  • Flower pots were removed for several reasons, including plants dying due to lack/excessive water, cigarette butts, etc. 
  • Board member Lindstrom expressed concerns regarding the icy parking lot this winter. Debi Westwood stated that KCLS had contracted with a vendor, however, KCLS was dissatisfied with how the vendor handled de-icing. This will be addressed for next winter.
Agenda Item #4 – Vote for Assistant Chair Position
Chair Woolston asked for nominations for the vacant Assistant Chair position. Board member Robinson nominated Dick Winslow. There were no other nominations on the floor. Board member Lori Robinson made the motion to appoint Board Member Dick Winslow as the new Assistant Chair for the Mercer Island Library Board. Board Member Sara Berkenwald Seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion passed unanimously.
Agenda Item #6 – KCLS Board Updates
Board member Robinson shared that the Burien and Federal Way libraries offer free dinners through Food Lifeline and United Way of King County to kids and teens. During the summer they will also offer lunches.
Board member Robinson also stated that several years ago a group went to the Washington State Legislature and asked to increase the King County Library board from 5 to 7 members. This is being looked at again.
Chair Woolston wanted to make all aware that the board has quarterly planning meetings outside of the regularly scheduled board meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss topics that needed more time than was available at the board meeting. She stated that the next scheduled planning meeting was May 9th – from 11:30-1:00 pm at the Bellevue library in room #1. The topic will be “Edge – national technology planning and evaluation program”. Chair Woolston will pass along any future meetings to the board so they may attend.
Chair Woolston asked about the recent closure of one of the KCLS libraries. Debi Westwood stated that the Skyway library was closed for a day and a half. Two patrons got in a scuffle, mace was sprayed and it took staff that long to clean up in order to make it safe again for the public.
Board Member Comments -
  • Debi Westwood stated that the wireless printing is now working at all the libraries.
  • Student accounts were started for Mercer Island schools on October 16th. All students in district have a KCLS student account. Lake Washington is the last to get started. Only electronic materials are available through these accounts. No fines or fees are charged so students can always access items for school. The district sent out communication to the parents during the implantation phase. Students still need personal cards to check out physical items. Currently only public schools are participating. Private schools and community colleges are starting to show interest. 
KCLS Staff Report – Library Activities Report
  • Debi Westwood handed out packet of brochures for upcoming library events, programs and data.
    • “Everyone’s talking about it” – a variety of topics including difficult conversations topics
    • Maria Frank Abrams exhibit opening and art afternoon – April 2
    • MI Library April events flyer
    • Circulation & Patron Traffic for MI Library statistics for January 2016 – February 2017
Debi will continue to distribute this information at each meeting.
Sandi asked about statistics for Electronic materials checkout. Debi said she could supply this.
  • Organizational chart for the region was handed out for the board. Managers rotate to cover all shifts. There is always a manager on duty. Debi also works one weekend a month so she is available for questions by phone if needed.
  • When Jennifer Wiseman is on maternity leave Debi Westwood will be covering those job duties. John Sheller, Government Relations Manager will also be available to assist advisory board
  • As a thank you and welcome, Debi handed out KCLS advisory board lapel pins to board members.
Mercer Island Staff Report
Tammy Bodmer shared upcoming events that Parks & Recreation will be partnering with the MI Library. These items include Storytime at Leap for Green this Saturday April 1st, Storytime at Deane’s Children’s Park covered area multiple times during the summer, children’s concert at Mercerdale Park this summer, and reading time concert at Luther Burbank Park August 9th.
Agenda Items for Next Meeting
  • Vending machines – health of community- concerns with current items. 5 minutes
  • Bark program (Reading with Rover) - young children reading to dogs – look possibilities of doing this again –- 5 minutes
  • Update on status of strategic plan & PowerPoint
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Preview of summer reading program – 10-15 minutes
Announcements & Communications
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, May 22, 2017, at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library.
The Mercer Island Library Board meeting was adjourned at 7:28 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tammy Bodmer, Senior Administrative Assistant

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