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Arts Council - Minutes     
Saturday, March 18, 2017

Roll Call
Members Present: An Tootill, Joy Langley, Joy Liechty, Matt Lome, Angelina Odievich, Peter Schaefer, and Erin Vivion, Jessica Prince, and Karen Kaser. Members absent: Amy Barnes, Rene Stratton.
City Council:  Council Member Jeff Sanderson was absent.
Staff:  Kai Fulginiti, Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Facilitator: Amber Britton
The meeting was opened at 8:00 am by staff member Kai Fulginiti with an icebreaker.
Following the ice breaker, Kai gave a presentation on 1% for the Arts Project Approval Process. A handout was distributed.
  • Idea proposed at annual Arts Council retreat or in a monthly meeting is voted on by the Arts Council and voted on.
  • Determine if the project budget need to come from 1% for the Arts fund.
  • If yes, an agenda bill is created. The Agenda bill goes to the Recreation Superintendent, then potentially MIPR Management Team and City Council Parks & Recreation Subcommittee.
  • The agenda bill then goes to the City Council for approval.
  • If approved, work can begin on the project.
Also covered in the handout were staff time allocations, budgets and processes relating to how quickly projects move.
Kai explained that the 1% for the Arts is funded by a requirement that construction projects either include an approved piece of art in their project or give 1% of the cost of the project to the Cityís 1% for the Arts. 
Kai provided a handout showing that the current balance in the 1% for the Arts Fund is $235,000. This money is reserved specifically for non-performing public art and cannot be used for anything else unless the City Council overrides it.  Kai noted that a part of the 1% for the Arts fund is reserved for repair and maintenance of art already owned by the City.
Copies of the Arts Council current operating budget for 2017 were distributed. Amber stated that $38,095 is budgeted for 2017. She gave an explanation of expenses and revenues for each portion of the budget.
Core Program Overview
Amber reviewed the current Arts Council core programs:
  • Mostly Music in the Park (MMIP)
  • < >Classics on Film (Literary)
  • Indoor Gallery
  • Outdoor Gallery
  • Art Uncorked
  • Summer Celebration
  • Russian Chamber Concert
The Arts Council agreed to continue with these core programs.  There was discussion regarding whether or not the Arts Council could better allocate their money than paying for bands for Art Uncorked. Rene Stratton felt that having two bands resulted in too much of an overlap and suggested providing one band instead of two. An Tootill found the booth to be ineffective. Kai pointed out that one of the reasons the Chamber of Commerce funded the bar at our dance was because the Arts Council supports Art Uncorked.  The Arts Council has already committed to two bands for this year, but it could be reduced to one band beginning in 2018.
Amber summarized the options:
  1. Keep it the same
  2. Go down from providing two bands to one.
  3. Not provide a band.
In a show of hands, the Arts Council agreed to reduce the number of bands from two to one beginning in 2018.
2018 Work Plan
Following is a list of ideas generated by Arts Council member discussion of what they would like the Arts Council focus in the 2018 Work Plan. 
  • Community dance/2 per year (1)
  • Toddler arts critic (5)
  • Poet laureate (day of poetry) (1)
  • Dance for Parkinsonís (2)
  • Reflections student display (0)
  • Art swap (4)
  • Major author event (2)
  • Other venues for art. What is there? (0)
  • Community talent show (2)
  • Outdoor theater (0)
  • Orbits & Pieces expansion (with better access & signage) (3)
  • Website link renovation (0)
  • Additional pads in outdoor gallery (4)
  • Sculpture map/locations (all). Start with outdoor gallery (2)
  • Replace old sculptures/Refresh outdoor gallery (1)
  • Rename/Refresh MMIP (0)
  • Increase public presence/office (0)
  • Community (musical) showcase (2)
  • Artist work for advertising (1)
  • Short story contest (1)
  • Community art video game (1)
  • Sidewalk poetry (0)
  • Brass sidewalk plaques (1)
  • Art gallery tie-in for banners (0)
  • Art treasure hunt (0)
  • Subcommittee to grow budget (3)
Arts Council members discussed items on the above list individually, and voted for the top three items that they would like to include in the 2018 Work Plan.  The number of votes each item received is indicated above in parentheses.
The top choices, receiving either 5 or 4 votes each were:
  1. Toddler arts critic
  2. Art swap
  3. Additional pads in the outdoor gallery (budget from 1% for the Arts)
  4. Orbits & Pieces expansion (budget from 1% for the Arts)
It was noted that there is potential that many of the remaining items could be accomplished in one form or another such as by finding partners or adjusting the scope.  Examples might include holding one community dance vs two or applying for grants.  There are also a number of ideas that could be accomplished with very little effort and/or budgetary consideration. The Arts Council will dedicate time at future meetings to address these items and how to best accomplish them.
The retreat adjourned at 12:00 pm.

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