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Mercer Island Library Board - Minutes     
Monday, May 22, 2017

Chair Mary Kay Woolston called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm at the Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island WA.
Chair Mary Kay Woolston, Assistant Chair Richard Winslow, Board Members Sara Berkenwald, Lori Robinson, and Tim Ong were present. Board members Alice MacCormack, Sandi Lindstrom and City Council Liaison Councilmember Jeff Sanderson were absent.  City staff was represented by Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director and Tammy Bodmer, Parks & Recreation Senior Administrative Assistant. KCLS staff was represented by Debi Westwood, KCLS Cluster Manager and Linda Ernst, KCLS Children’s Librarian.
Minutes were approved as submitted
Sharon Smith, Friends of the Library shared that the Friends upcoming events include the Fall Sale scheduled for the week of September 10th and the Annual Holiday Event. Chair Woolston asked what their annual budget is and Smith stated that it is approximately $20,000 with $15,000 provided to library programs.
Agenda Item #1 – KCLS Vending Machines
Assistant Chair Winslow presented an article to the board that discussed nutrition impulse items at supermarkets and the relationship between the manufacturers of items and the vendors. The question was asked if the library receives proceeds from the sales. It was explained that the KCLS Foundation receives the proceeds from sales and this comes from the vendor, not the manufacturer of the items.  There was further discussion as to changing items to healthier options. KCLS Liaison Westwood explained the previous experience of different options that have been offered in the past. She said that they could discuss with vendor to add in some lower sugar/sodium options. Board member Robinson also suggested bringing the coffee machine back.
Agenda Item #2 – List of KCLS Presentation Topics – part 2
Chair Woolston had asked the board to submit topics that they would like to see the KCLS Staff present at future meetings. Presentation topics and items members had questions about were sent to her over the previous couple months.
Several ideas/questions shared were:
  • Interlibrary loans and an overview of free databases available via the KCLS website
  • How is the library e-card system working and how do we compare to all King County?
  • Reciprocal agreements
  • Programming at libraries and how it works
  • Are the schools and libraries communicating on what is coming up in the classroom curriculum so that the libraries can ensure that there are enough items on the shelves
  • Interlibrary loan program
  • Information about what kind of tech training is available at this library.
  • What are the programs that are most beloved and what other ones are really popular at other locations that we may not know about here at MI Library.
  • What kind of programs are available to teens that they like.
  • Technology & Website – thorough training on the KCLS website – interested in having this yearly.
  • What the library lends – technology related
  • Data conversation – how busy is library, circulation, holds, etc.
It was also discussed as to whether or not some of these items should be covered annually. No specific decision was made at this time.
KCLS Liaison Westwood shared information about the interlibrary full service loan program. There are many facets to this program which can be found on the KCLS website and clicking on interlibrary loan.  She also said that KCLS also belongs to OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) which is a loan service program around the world.
KCLS Liaison Westwood agreed to present at the July meeting. Her topic will be Interlibrary loans and an overview of free databases available via the KCLS website.
September meeting presentation will be about kids curriculum and homework support.
Agenda Item #3 – Bark Program (Reading w/Rover) – Debi Westwood
This is a program that is offered around the US where dogs are trained to sit with children while they read to the dogs. This program does require a high volume of volunteers to assist and it does not allow for a large number of participants as it is a one on one program. It is being piloted in some areas right now. Currently KCLS central programming person has chosen to not currently be a part of this program.
Another possible program is Book Buddies, which is where children read to teens, stuffed animals or grandparents.
Chair Woolston asked if MI Library would be offering this program this summer. Linda Ernst KCLS children’s librarian said that due to having so many other programs this year that they will be taking a year off.
Agenda Item #4 – Update on Strategic Plan & PowerPoint
KCLS Staff Liaison Westwood stated that once the strategic plan is fully approved she will share it with the MILB at the July meeting. She shared that there is nothing new in the strategic plan that will vary much from the current model they run by. 
Chair Woolston stated that she would like some feedback items to share with the community.
Agenda Item #5 – Volunteer Opportunities
KCLS Staff Liaison Westwood distributed a packet of items that included the KCLS board of trustee’s organizational chart and volunteer opportunities at the MI Library and requirements for the positions. KCLS Staff Liaison Linda Ernst shared that there is a link on the KCLS website to find out about volunteer opportunities.
Agenda Item #6 – Preview of Summer Reading Program
KCLS Staff Liaison Linda Ernst distributed information about the upcoming summer reading program at the library. There will be programs for children, teens and adults. All programs offer incentives as well as larger prizes at the end. All the information for these programs can be obtained by visiting the library.
There will also be a push at the local schools and information will be distributed next week at each location.
Discussion was had as to whether or not this information goes out to all the preschools. It was shared by KCLS Staff Westwood that a newsletter is sent to the preschools and schools to keep them informed since the librarians cannot go to all locations to present. If preschools want additional information the library will provide it.
Agenda Item #7 – KCLS Board Updates
Lori Robinson gave an update on the interim director for KCLS and announced that Steve Smith has been appointed. KCLS has met to find a search team for a new executive director.
Board Member Comments -
KCLS Staff Report – Library Activities Report
Debi Westwood stated that KCLS is expanding from 5 members to 7 members. They will be in the process of looking for two more.
Flyers for upcoming programs were distributed to the board. These flyers are currently available at the library for the public.
Westwood shared that the Teen Advisory Board would be discussing what they would like to see and sponsored by the library system. The response has been very strong with teen participation.
Westwood thanked volunteers for their continued work and passed out chocolate bars to all in attendance.
Westwood asked it the board wanted printouts of check out information on physical and online e-books. The board said they would like to see this information.
Mercer Island Staff Report
Director Fletcher shared that Summer Celebration was coming up. Theme this year is “Out of this World”.  The Parks & Recreation sponsored activities will be in full swing over the next couple months with events including, Movies in the Park, Camp Burbank, Adventure Playground, Shakespeare in the park and many more.
Parks & Recreation is still in the process of hiring lifeguards as several more are still needed.
Agenda Items for Next Meeting
  • Interlibrary loans and an overview of free databases available via the KCLS website.
  • Solidify November meeting topic.
  • Update on Strategic Plan & PowerPoint.
Announcements & Communications
June 8th is Mercer Island High School graduation.
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, July 24, 2017, at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library.
The Mercer Island Library Board meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tammy Bodmer, Senior Administrative Assistant

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