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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair, Rene Stratton at 6:38 pm.
Roll Call
Members Present:  Amy Barnes, Joy Langley (arriving at 6:45 pm), Joy Liechty, Matt Lome, Angelina Odievich, Jessica Prince, Xixi Shakes, Rene Stratton and Erin Vivion
Members Absent: An Tootill
City Council:
City Council Member Salim Nice
Kai Fulginiti
Eileen Hemmis Trifts
MIVAL Liaison:
Claudia Zimmerman
Guest:  Staten Metzger, MI Resident and Arts Council Applicant
Introductions:  City Council Liaison, Salim Nice, introduced himself to the Arts Council members. He has been appointed as Arts Council liaison for the remainder of the year.
Karen Kaser: 
Proposal for Arts Council to sponsor three community dances by paying $500 per event for rental of the VFW Hall. Karen proposed that the organization or person coordinating the events would contract with the VFW, handle all details of the event planning, including band, dance teacher, beverage sales, ticket sales, publicity and clean-up. 
Karen then left the meeting. Erin Vivion motioned that the dance be added to the top voted projects to be discussed this evening. The motion was seconded and passed.
Angelina Odievich motioned to approve the minutes of the July 12, 2017 meeting.  The motion was seconded and passed.
Chair Report - Joy Langley
No Report
Special Projects, Rene Stratton, Chair
Banner Update:  Rene Stratton reported that they are currently working on the Call for Artists.  It is scheduled to go before the Parks & Rec Subcommittee to see how they might be perceived in light of the current fiscal climate.
Community Dance Update:  Matt Lome proposed February 16 as the date for the dance, and recommended Bill and Blue Notes for the band. He estimated the cost for the band to be around $800.  He suggested that the event coordinator suggested in Karen Kaser’s proposal could be eliminated and working directly with the VFW, giving them the liquor sales.  He recommended that the Arts Council get one dance done, see how goes, and then think about doing the additional dances.
Jessica Prince motioned to approve the date of Friday, February 16 for the Community Dance. The motion was seconded and passed.
Kai Fulginiti stated that she will check into the possibility of setting up a Parks & Recreation Parents Night Out for that date to give parents attending the dance a childcare option..
Mostly Music in the Park – Joy Liechty, Chair
Chair, Joy Langley, congratulated Joy Liechty for a job well done. Some suggestions for next year included looking into the possibility of a food truck and serving alcohol.  Kai Fulginiti said serving alcohol has been broached many times. It takes a lot more jumping through hoops for a city event to serve alcohol, and it may not ever be possible in a city park. She said she will bring the alcohol question up again and report back to the next meeting.
Public Art, Erin Vivion, Chair  
Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery Sign – The subcommittee (Erin Vivion, Angelina Odievich and An Tootill) has been working on the wording and elements for the sign.  There was some discussion about replacing the picture of Greta, which is not of very good quality, with a portrait drawing. This was generally considered is a good idea since the probability of getting a better quality image is low.  The subcommittee has proposed a numbered map with a replaceable key be placed on the sign indicating the location of the sculptures.  In a straw poll eight members indicated they are in favor of having a map element on the sign.  It was agreed that the color of the sign should be white to match the outdoor gallery plaques. The subcommittee will meet again to finalize the sign.
Kai Fulginiti reported that she plans to order the plaques for the individual sculptures next week.
Draft Sound Transit Letter for City Council – Erin Vivion presented an updated draft of the proposed Sound Transit letter for the council’s review. Even though Sound Transit and the City have since abandoned the proposal for the 80th Ave. SE bus turnaround, the Arts Council agreed to proceed with drafting a letter of record to Sound Transit condemning the proposal and urging a more transparent approach in its future interactions with the Arts Council.
Councilman Nice suggested a more positive approach be considered for the letter. One in which the Arts Council does not condemn the 80th Street bus turnaround, but instead voices their support of the alternative 77th avenue site.  Erin pointed out that the Arts Council does not want to appear to be in support of the 77th Avenue site.  Amy Barnes suggested that the Arts Council could indicate that we support the option that does not impact our public art and that we would like to help Sound Transit in determining what that will be.
Next steps:  Erin Vivion proposed that the subcommittee work with Councilman Nice to get the final draft nailed down. It would then be ready to send to City Council when the subcommittee is ready to do so without waiting for the next Arts Council meeting to convene.
Indoor Gallery, Amy Barnes, Co-Chair
Amy Barnes reported that everyone loved the “On a Whim” exhibit and reception. There was something for everyone at the reception. She thanked Council Member Matt Lome and Staten Metzger for providing the night’s entertainment.
The Art of Colored Pencil is the current gallery show.  The artists’ reception is tomorrow night. Amy invited everyone to come by and see the art.
Outdoor Gallery, Angelina Odievich, Co-Chair
No Report
Staff Report: 
MMIP & Shakespeare in the Park Recap
An MMIP survey has been sent out to get feedback from the public. Kai stated that she will share the survey info when complete.
Mural Update & Art Selection
Kai reported that the mural has been put on hold until next year. There has been a long learning curve associated with this project in working with WSDOT, and there was a dispute between the artist and her assistant which has since been resolved. Now the weather has come into play.  The artist has requested a delay until next summer to assure that the weather cooperates.  Kai will bring the chosen project to the next Arts Council meeting for everyone to see.
Resignation, Peter Schaeffer
Kai reported that Peter Schaeffer has resigned from the Arts Council. September 15 is the deadline for new applications. Hopefully there will be one chosen in time for the October meeting. Staten Metzger stated that he has applied for the open position.
Allocating funds for 2018 approved Projects
At their retreat earlier this year the Arts Council voted the following projects as their top priorities for 2018. Kai wanted to confirm cost estimates prior to reviewing the budget to determine funding allocation. Estimated funding required is noted in parentheses.
  • Toddler Art Critic ($500)
  • Outdoor Gallery Cement Pads. 3-4 pads ($2,000-$2,500)
  • Art Swap (Erin Vivion and Angelina Odievich will co-chair the Art Swap Subcommittee and come with a budget for consideration)
  • Dance Proposal. ($1,000 for two dances)
Rene Stratton motioned to approve two Community Dances for a total of $1,000. The motion was seconded and passed with one nay.
Kai said that she will review the budget and the Arts Council can nail down where the funds will be allocated from at the next meeting.
Prioritizing CIP Art Ideas
The Arts Council reviewed CIP Art Ideas presented to the Parks & Recreation Director for purposes of prioritization. Each Council Member voted on their top three choices. Below, in order of votes received, are the results.
  1. Music Studio at MICEC (6 votes)
  2. Performing Arts Center (6 votes)
  3. Art Room/Studio at MICEC (+ kiln)(5 votes)
  4. ICP Suspension Bridge (artistic) (4 votes)
  5. Art Elements for (new) Mary Waite Pool (3 votes)
  6. Partner with MIPA on Art Projects (e.g., Mercerdale Waterpark.) (2 votes)
  7. Ai Wei Wei Sculpture (1 vote)
The following ideas did not receive any support.
  1. Interpretive Trails
  2. MIHS 3D Printer
  3. Artist in Residence
  4. 3D Printer at MICEC
The meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm


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