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Mercer Island Library Board - Minutes     
Monday, September 25, 2017

Chair Mary Kay Woolston called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm at the Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island, WA.
Chair Mary Kay Woolston, Assistant Chair Richard Winslow, Board Members Sandy Lindstrom, Sara Berkenwald, Alice MacCormack, Lori Robinson and City Council Liaison Council member Salim Nice were present.  
Board Member Tim Ong was absent.  City staff was represented by Kirsten Taylor, Assistant City Manager and Tammy Bodmer, Parks & Recreation Senior Administrative Assistant. KCLS staff was represented by Debi Westwood, KCLS Cluster Manager and Kirsten Corning, KCLS Representative.
Minutes of July 24, 2017 meeting were approved as amended with changes to budget year 19-20.
Kirsten Corning, Librarian Services Manager Northcentral Region
There were no appearances
Agenda Item #1 – Friends of the Library Presentation
Sharon Smith, president of the Friends of Mercer Island Library shared that the biggest sale of the year was in September and brought in approximately $8,000. The next sale will be in December and the Dicken’s carolers will be performing. She asked the KCLS staff to submit requests of what they would like to see purchased.
Board Member Robinson stated that at the last sale she spoke to attendees who were very pleased with the quality of products being offered. Board Member Lindstrom stated that there was a wide variety of attendees.
Agenda Item #2 - Library Board Input – 2018 program and service goals
KCLS staff Westwood shared that the library team is starting to look at 2018 programing and services that will be offered. She asked the MILB to provide their input on programs and services they would like to see offered and give feedback on what they would like to see continue.
Suggestions from Board Members included:
  • Toddler programs
  • Mandarin specific outreach for parents with language barriers
  • Cyber security
  • Fraud protection information
  • Electronic resources the library offers
  • Special needs children programs
  • Children’s activities (Legos, movies, etc)
  • Ancestry programs
  • Theaters come share season overviews (REP, Village & ACT)
  • Earthquake preparedness by the city
  • Adult bullying – political (DC Busters)
  • Environmental or sustainability programming - Partnering with farms, and/or waste management. Assistant City Manager Taylor shared that there was recently a sustainability gathering. Looking forward about developing the city sustainability plan. Ross Freeman is the City’s Sustainability Manager. Schools are currently heavily involved
  • Additional historical programs - Series on the civil war was very beneficial
  • Continue Teen Link discussions and panels offered – very well advertised at the school
  • Book groups for ages other than middle school that is currently offered
  • Publicize what is already offered since there are so many programs currently
KCLS staff Westwood asked board for any additional suggestions to be emailed to
KCLS Staff Corning shared that anyone can sign up for the MI Library newsletter by going to newsletter. Currently 1000 MI residence receive the newsletter.
Agenda Item #3 –– Presentation Topics for November & January
Chair Woolston discussed list of topics that was created at a previous meeting to determine the next two meeting presentations. Possibilities included:
  • Technology training available through the library
  • How dollars are allocated for programs
  • Electronic resources that the library offers – Re-present at November meeting – advertise to public to attend
  • How do the citizens view the KCLS system and how MI residents use the services offered
  • Information from the city how the budget will affect library system
  • Update on the strategic plan – January
  • Board Mission statement and goals – January
Chair Woolston asked the board to reach out into community and report back about who they have talked to and what they are wanting to see at the library. KCLS Staff Westwood suggested that the board uses the approach of “What are your needs and interests” then look at how the library can help accommodate.
Agenda Item #4 – KCLS Board Updates
Board member Robinson did not attend the last KCLS Board meeting. Appointment was made by Dow Constantine for new member Pamela Grad, Library and Media Specialist. The board is expanding from 5 to 7 members with each member to represent a district. They are currently searching for a new director with a plan to have on board by the end of the year. Down to final four candidates.
Assistant Chair Winslow requested to see more details on where the holds are coming from.
Board Member Comments –
Board Member Nice stated that the July Minutes were missing comments. A motion was made by Lindstrom to bring back the amended minutes seconded by Robinson. Board member Nice suggested having Chip Corder attend the November meeting and give a finance update regarding the budget deficit. 
KCLS Staff Report – Library Activities Report
KCLS Staff Westwood presented data reports that covered library usage. Co-Chair Winslow had questions regarding circulation & patron traffic and why check ins are more than the check outs. Westwood stated the items get turned in at other locations.
Chair Woolston asked if proof of address is required regularly and KCLS representative Westwood stated that patrons are asked annually to verify address.
Mercer Island Staff Report
MI Assistant City Manager Taylor shared that Parks & Recreation worked with MI Librarian Vicki Heck, KC Librarian, for their “Reading in the Park Party”. Parks & Recreation promoted the event and space in Luther Burbank park was used. Per Vicki, the event was a success and everyone enjoyed it.
Agenda Items for Next Meeting
  • Electronic resources that the library offers – Re-present at November meeting – advertise to public to attend
  • Information from the city how the city’s financial challenges might affect library system
  • Possible presentation from City of Mercer Island regarding financial challenges
  • Presentation from KCLS finance department to discuss the tax revenues and expenses
Announcements & Communications
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, November 27th at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library.
The Mercer Island Library Board meeting was adjourned at 7:31 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tammy Bodmer, Senior Administrative Assistant

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