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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair, Joy Langley, at 6:32 pm.
Roll Call
Members Present:  Amy Barnes, Joy Langley, Joy Liechty, Matt Lome, Jessica Prince, Xixi Shakes, Rene Stratton and An Tootill
Members Absent: Angelina Odievich, June Silverberg, and Erin Vivion
City Council:
City Council Member Salim Nice
Kai Fulginiti
Eileen Hemmis Trifts
MIVAL Liaison:
Claudia Zimmerman
Matt Lome motioned to approve the minutes of the September 13, 2017 meeting.  The motion was seconded and passed.
Tom Acker, Mercer Island Citizen
Appeared before the Arts Council for two reasons:
  1. To commend the Arts Council on its community involvement. He and his family have enjoyed participating and attending Arts Council events, especially Mostly Music in the Park.
  2. To ask the Arts Council for their support for MICA.
After Mr. Acker left the meeting and in response to a question from the floor, Councilman Nice gave a status update on where the city is with regard to MICA. The next step is to have a zoning text amendment made to the city code that allows art centers in certain parks. The city has sent a letter to MICA asking them to put a pause on the zoning text amendment while they look at other options. Today MICA agreed to do that.
Chair Report - Joy Langley
Joy reported that she, Erin Vivion, An Tootill, Kai Fulginiti, Bruce Fletcher, Kirsten Taylor and Salim Nice met to discuss the proposed letter to Sound Transit. Joy and Erin are editing the letter, which at the suggestion of Bruce Fletcher will be addressed to the City Council. Salim Nice stated that the Sound Transit settlement will be on next Tuesday’s City Council meeting agenda.
Joy gave a report, including a handout on art preservation, on the recent LAA meeting she attended, sponsored by 4Culture. Joy invited Arts Council members with an interest to attend future LAA meetings, which are now held quarterly.
Special Projects, Rene Stratton, Chair
No Report.
Mostly Music in the Park – Joy Liechty, Chair
No Report.
Public Art, Erin Vivion, Chair  
Art Law Seminar.  In Erin’s absence, Joy reported that the VARA law (Visual Artists Rights Act) is something the Arts Council needs to take into account when considering moving or removal of art. Salim Nice stated that he has requested guidance on the law from the City Attorney, specifically regarding the removal of the “The Milk Bottles” from the sidewalk by Pagliacci Pizza.
It was noted that art in the outdoor gallery that is not owned by the city is contracted for one-year. After that it is month to month, giving the artist 60 days’ notice should we decide to terminate so the VARA law should not have an impact.
Indoor Gallery, Amy Barnes, Co-Chair
Amy asked for volunteers to help hang the MIVAL Holiday Show on Saturday, October 28.  Rene Stratton, Xixi Shakes, Joy Liechty and Claudia Zimmerman volunteered.
Amy asked for volunteers for an ad hoc subcommittee to review gallery applications for 2018.
Rene Stratton, Xixi Shakes, An Tootill and Jessica Prince volunteered.  Amy will send out info. She would like to meet in early November.
Outdoor Gallery, Angelina Odievich, Co-Chair
No Report
Staff Report:  Kai Fulginiti
Wall Mural Sketch:  Kai distributed copies of the artist’s sketch of the mural.
MMIP Survey Results: A survey was sent out for Mostly Music in the Park and Summer Celebration. There were 61 responses. The results pretty much echoed what we hear from people at the concerts. A lot of people liked the music, but there were quite a few that wanted more upbeat music like cover bands. They wanted music they knew and could dance to.  They would purchase food if they knew it was available ahead of time.  The only negative response was that it is too loud.  Kai can work with the sound people to tone it down next year.  The Chair asked Kai to check into building a survey into the city newsletter in order to get a bigger sample size.
Outdoor Gallery Plaque Order:  Kai reported that in order to minimize the cost, we are attempting to create the artwork for the plaques in house. They were submitted once, but sent back for changes. We plan to resubmit it by Friday.
Milk Bottle Update: The milk bottles are being stored at city hall.  Maintenance is planning on repairing the wall and they think it would be more cost efficient if the Arts Council wanted to place that bronze inlay into the Mercerdale wall since they are already planning to do work on it.  It was agreed that with VARA, the artist will need to be asked for her preference.  Salim Nice would be willing to approach Paggliaci about footing the bill to put it back in the original spot.  Kai said she will find out if it can be done and what the cost might be.  It was agreed that this option should be explored before contacting the artist.
Ingrid Lahti Sculpture Installation: Ingrid submitted plans for the installation, but a soils report was needed. We’re waiting for final approval.
Collection Cleaning Update:   Kai reported that the city owned pieces in the outdoor gallery are being cleaned.  Mythical Bird is also being repaired. About $5,000 has been spent for cleaning.
Allocating funds for 2018 approved Projects:  Following up from the September meeting, Kai reported that she has reviewed the budget for next year and presented recommendations on where funding can be taken from for the 2018 approved projects below:
  • Toddler Art Critic (approx. $500)
  • Outdoor Gallery Cement Pads. 3-4 pads ($2,000-$2,500)
  • Art Swap (approx. $500) (Erin Vivion and Angelina Odievich will co-chair the Art Swap Subcommittee and come with a budget for consideration)
  • Dance Proposal. ($1,000 for two dances)
She identified the following areas in the budget for consideration:
PR 5300 Community Arts Support - $1,100
PR 5400 Gallery:  $1,500
PR 5600 Cultural & Performing Arts:  $1,600
PR 5700 Special Programs:  $1,000
Kai said that she will review the budget, and the Arts Council can nail down where the funds will be allocated from at the next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm

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