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Mercer Island Library Board - Minutes     
Monday, November 27, 2017

Chair Mary Kay Woolston called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library, Mercer Island, WA.
Chair Mary Kay Woolston, Assistant Chair Richard Winslow, Board Members Sandy Lindstrom, Sara Berkenwald, Alice MacCormack, Lori Robinson, Tim Ong and City Council Liaison Salim Nice were present.  City staff was represented by Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director and Tammy Bodmer, Parks & Recreation Senior Administrative Assistant. KCLS staff was represented by Debi Westwood, KCLS Cluster Manager, John Sheller, Government Relations Manager and Steve Smith, Interim KCLS Director.
Minutes for September 25th meeting were approved as submitted.

Agenda Item #1:  Library Operational Costs – Steve Smith, Interim KCLS Director 
Steve Smith Interim King County Library System Director was introduced by Chair Woolston. Interim KCLS Director Smith shared information with the board relating to what the costs to operate the library branches consist of, how those costs are allocated and where the revenues come from. The board members asked questions of Smith regarding budgeting, usage of branches, MI residence contributions to the system, benefits of being part of KCLS vs. branching off, and resources KCLS offers.

Smith distributed the KCLS preliminary 2018 budget.
Agenda Item #2: - City’s Financial Challenges 
Chip Corder, City of Mercer Island Finance Director presented the current city financial challenges to the board. Corder discussed where the city currently stands financially and the projections for the next biennium. He gave an overview of the city’s financial structure to include how different departments are funded and where those funds come from.
A few board members had interest in doing a cost comparison for the MI Library being part of KCLS vs. being on their own.
Agenda Item #3  - Open Public Meetings Act Training – Ali Spietz, City Clerk

Ali Spietz, City of Mercer Island City Clerk distributed a handout with information about the Open Public Meetings Act. She asked board members to review and it will discuss further at the January meeting. She will send all board members a link to complete the online training prior to the next meeting. Ali will attend the January meeting for further training

Agenda Item#4: - Electronic Resources - Debra Westwood
Debi Westwood will present at January meeting

Agenda Item #5: 2018 Meeting Schedule 
The 2018 MILB meeting schedule was emailed to all board members prior to the meeting. Dates were accepted as submitted.
Agenda Item #6:  KCLS Board Updates
No updates
Board Member Comments –
KCLS Staff Report – Library Activities Report
Upcoming events include December library programs and Stars workshop (teacher training at MI Library).
Mercer Island Staff Report
Upcoming Parks & Recreation events – Holiday Tree Lighting and Firehouse Munch is scheduled for Friday December 1st. The Argosy Christmas Ships will arrive the Luther Burbank Park on December 22nd.  
Agenda Items for Next Meeting
  • Electronic resources that the library offers – Re-present at January meeting – advertise to public to attend
  • Open Public Meetings Act Training – Ali Spietz, City Clerk
Announcements & Communications
The Arts Council contacted Council Liaison Nice regarding the opportunity for the placement of a Totem Pole and the possibility of the library being one of the possible sites.
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, January 22nd at 6:00 pm at the Mercer Island Library.
The Mercer Island Library Board meeting was adjourned at 7:33 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tammy Bodmer, Senior Administrative Assistant

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