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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Call To Order

Chairman McDonald called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.

Roll Call

Marcia Dawson, Fred Glick, George Wittman and Chairman McDonald were present. Attila Laszlo, Carl Bryant and Norman Sandler were absent.

Staff Present

Kathy Harbert, Associate Planner; Richard Hart, DSG Director


Commissioner Dawson moved to approve the April 25, 2001 meeting minutes. Approved. Vote: 4-0.

Regular Business

Action Item #1:
Minor Exterior Modification design and review of a 14’ X 40’ cooler addition to the south side of the QFC building, located at 7823 SE 28th Street.

Kathy Harbert, Associate Planner, summarized the staff report for the exterior addition. Staff recommended approval with the condition that a wall or trellis screen the loading area unless the applicant provides written documentation that the wall or trellis is physically unfeasible. Ms. Harbert answered questions regarding the proposed location of the screening wall or trellis.

Lach Foss, Woodman Construction, 3 Lake Bellevue Dr., Bellevue, WA, presented the proposal and answered Commissioners’ questions. Mr. Foss reported that staff’s request for an 8-to10 feet wide screening wall was reasonable. There is a PSE easement located 20 feet from the south property line, and there appears to be enough room for truck maneuvering to the loading dock area. Mr. Foss recommended a metal trellis because of long term durability.

Bill Low, QFC representative, 10116 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA, stated that the cooler addition is part of the interior overhaul proposed to the store.

The Commission deliberated on the dairy cooler addition. Discussions included the consideration of the adjacent 5-story mixed-use building, approved to be built south of the property line, and the potential alterations made to improve the appearance of the cooler and other potential screening of the loading dock. Chairman McDonald noted the proposed prefabricated metal does not meet design requirements.

Mary Yax, Windermere Real Estate, 2737 77th Avenue SE, Mercer Island, WA, stated the cooler directly impacts the property to the south. Mr. Cheung, owner and developer, is willing to pay for a landscape easement along the QFC’s south property line, in order to extend the existing 3-foot wide landscape strip on QFC’s property.

The Commission discussed options of gating the loading dock area or providing screening walls.

Commissioner Glick moved to continue the meeting on the cooler addition proposal as presented, giving the applicant opportunity to return at the regularly scheduled Design Commission meeting, on June 13, 2001, with an amended proposal. The amended proposal shall consider the following:

  1. The impact the proposal has to the future 5-story mixed use building, located adjacent to the south.
  2. The placement of screening walls located on both sides of the loading dock area. The screening walls should include landscaping in front of them with no gates proposed.
Motion approved. Passed 4-0.

The applicant and staff agreed that June 13, 2001 would work for the re-submittal.

Other Business

Director’s Comments: None.

Council Liaison Report: Councilmember Cairns updated the Commissioners on upcoming agenda items by the City Council and expressed concern of the future review of wireless communication facility projects along Island Crest Way. Placing associated equipment cabinets underground is a priority, especially along Pioneer Park.

Next Regular Meeting: May 23, 2001, Minor Exterior Modification Review of the pub, a re-submitted proposal, previously known as Islander Pub.

Commissioner Absences: None indicated for the next meeting. Commissioner Glick will not be able to attend the June 13, 2001 meeting.

Adjournment: 9:12pm

[Important Note: The proceedings of the Design Commission meeting were recorded on tape and are on file with the Development Services Group. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also available from the Development Services Group.]


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