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Monday, January 22, 2001

Call To Order

8:35 a.m.

Roll Call

Blake, Elsoe, Goldmanis, Goodman, Lyons, Provost, Segle, Wolfe. Absent: Deveny, Mauldin

Regular Business

Approval of Minutes from September 18, 2001
Moved by Blake and seconded by Goldmanis to approve the minutes of the September 18, 2000 meeting. Motion carried.

Claims approved by Secretary
Moved by Goldmanis and seconded by Lyons to approve the claims paid by the Secretary totaling $1,142.25. Motion carried.

Claims Submitted for Board Authorization
Lowell Forsman $226.48 Vision Materials
Eddy Reed $416.20 Prescriptions
Eddy Reed $209.86 Prescriptions

Moved by Lyons and seconded by Goldmanis to approve the claims to be authorized by the Board for $852.54. Motion carried.

Disability Leave Applications
There were none.

Disability Leaves Approved Administratively
There were none.

Status of Disability Leave for Fire Commander Al Provost
The Board reviewed the report provided by Dr. C. Gordon Hale, assigned by Objective Medical Assessments Corporation to examine Al Provost. Dr. Hale acknowledged Commander Provost's heart condition and recommended retirement. Dr. Hale concluded his report by stating that he did not believe that the condition was job-related.

The Board discussed the "duty-related" aspects of Commander Provost's illness. Commander Provost and Fire Representative Steve Lyons presented evidence of other LEOFF 1 Firefighters with heart conditions receiving a duty-related disability. Commander Provost stated that if the evidence of duty-related versus non-duty-related is inconclusive, then the assumption and the practice has been to deem the injury or illness duty-related. Commander Provost sited several cases from other states that support duty-relationship for heart conditions.

After discussing Dr. Hale's conclusion and the evidence presented by Commander Provost, the Board directed Commander Provost to obtain at least two opinions from the three doctors who treated his heart condition in regards to the duty versus non-duty relationship of the illness. The Board would base it's recommendation to the State once they have seen the opinions of all doctors involved in the diagnosis and any other evidence that would support a recommendation of duty versus non-duty relationship.

MOTION: Moved by Blake and seconded by Goldmanis to continue the discussion of the disability retirement of Commander Alan Provost until further information is received from at least two of the three physicians who were involved in the treatment of Commander Provost's condition. Motion carried.

Fire representative Lyons committed to bringing documentation from the Washington State Fire Fighter Council regarding heart and lung research in the area of disability related retirements.

The Board committed to continuing the meeting on Friday, January 26, 2001 at 8:30am, when Commander Provost would provide documentation from his present and past physicians.

other Business

Fire representative Lyons informed the Board that the LEOFF 1 pension system currently has a large surplus which is in danger of being directed to the State's general fund. He suggested that the City take some interest in the subject since the State requires cities to pay for LEOFF 1 related expenses that should be covered by the surplus.


9:45 AM


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