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Monday, October 01, 2001

Call To Order

Mayor Merkle called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.

Roll Call

City Councilmembers Susan Blake, Bryan Cairns, Judy Clibborn, Sven Goldmanis, Dan Grausz, El Jahncke, and Mayor Alan Merkle were present.

Study Session

AB 3609 Water System Plan
Shaunie Cochran, Project Engineer, presented an overview of the Cityís current water system and the 2001 Water System Plan.

Since it was not required at this time, no action was taken by Council.

Staff was directed to return at a later date for approval as a consent calendar item.

The Study Session was adjourned at 7:02pm. The Regular Meeting reconvened at 7:36pm.

Special Business

Proclamation: Mayor Merkle proclaimed October, Arts & Humanities Month. The proclamation was then presented to Parks' Recreation Program Team Leader Patti Murphy.

Mayor Merkle introduced Battalion Chief Shawn Matheson who gave a description of the FEMA Search and Rescue Teams and a personal account of his 10 days in New York City assisting with the recovery of victims at the World Trade Center.

Ira Appelman, 6213 83rd Place SE, expressed his concern regarding re-districting. He believes it would be a disadvantage for Mercer Island to be re-districted into Seattle. He would like the Council to take a position on this issue. Mayor Merkle responded that he was planning to bring up this issue during Open Council Discussion to discuss the Councilís position.

Jim Garrison, 6007 79th Ave SE, would like to know the status of the repairs of the Island storm drainage basins that were identified and prioritized as deteriorated and in need of repair in 1993. He would also like to know what happened to the repair priority listing. Mr. Garrison also inquired about the status and account balance of the dedicated funds for these repair projects. He is concerned that the storm drainage fee that is included in all Island utility bills to be dedicated to storm drainage and water quality systems is being commingled with the utility funds and not dedicated.


It was moved by Councilmember Jahncke; seconded by Councilmember Clibborn to:

Approve the following minutes as amended:

Regular Meeting of September 17, 2001:
Councilmember Reports: Councilmember Jahncke will not be able to make there: Community Facilities meeting of September 25, 2001.

Councilmember Jahncke stated that the Memo from the City Clerk, Tina Eggers, about Council meeting minutes had a rather limited scope regarding what is actually included in the minutes.

Mayor Merkle summarized direction to city staff to keep the minutes objective rather than subjective, and to continue to note action items only and sum up discussion and direction in one or two succinct sentences.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Consent Calendar
Payables: $ 943,147.56  
Payroll: $ 415,099.34

It was moved by Councilmember Blake; seconded by Councilmember Clibborn to:

Approve Consent Calendar and the recommendations contained therein.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Regular Business

AB 3611 Initiative 747 Analysis
Finance Director Joanne Sylvis answered questions from Council regarding the information on Initiative 747. Mayor Merkle stated that the information is available to the public.

Council received the report.

AB 3612 Open Space Property Acquisition

City Attorney Londi Lindell presented an overview of the Property Acquisition at 9165 Parkwood Ridge Road. Ms. Lindell requested Council approval to move forward with the closing of the sale.

It was moved by Councilmember Grausz; seconded by Councilmember Goldmanis to:

Direct the City Manager to execute any and all documents necessary for the closing of certain real property commonly known as 9165 Parkwood Ridge Road, Mercer Island, for a purchase price of $300,000; authorize the expenditure of $105,000 plus customary closing costs for such purchase with the remainder being paid by private donations such expenditure to come from already budgeted funds to the extent that there are budgeted funds and otherwise from the Capital Reserve Fund; and authorize the recording of the Kohen Easement and the Tract Easement.

Councilmember Jahncke made a friendly amendment to correct the purchase price from $300,000 to $305,000.

Finance Director Joanne Sylvis stated that the 2000-2001 Budget included $100,000 in 2001 and $100,000 in 2002 from the CIP budget for open planning and open space acquisition. Next year's funds can be used for this project.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.


AB 3610 Discussion of Roadside Shoulders on Arterial Streets
Council discussed the implications of providing pedestrian and bicycle facilities along East Mercer Way. Council favored developing an annual program within the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for identification and funding of specific projects that provide those facilities. The City Manager identified three work products to be returned to Council during the TIP process in Spring 2002: design criteria, project selection criteria, and an annual funding target from the City Street Fund.

Open Council Discussion
Mayor Merkle discussed the county, state, and federal re-districting of Mercer Island. He asked of the Council whether Eastside grouping or Seattle grouping is better for Mercer Island.

It was moved by Councilmember Jahncke; seconded by Councilmember Blake to:

It is the sense of the Council that we strongly desire to stay in the 6th King County District, the 41st State Legislative District and the 8th Congressional District.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Mayor Merkle announced that Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn will have a Mercer Island Community Get Together at Council Chambers on Monday October 8th at 7pm to share thoughts about current issues resulting from the terrorist attacks against the United State.

Councilmember Jahncke asked about the Community Facilities Meeting on Sept 25th. Dan Grausz summarized the meeting for the Council.

Mayor Merkle talked about the 130-ft mono-pole cell tower soon to be erected behind South End Fire Station. Citizens initiated request to put American Flag on the pole and the company is willing to do it. Council decided to take no action.

City Manager Rich Conrad stated that a citizen would like to create and donate a memorial piece of art commemorating the Firefighters and Police Officers who died in New York City, but does not want to go through the Council's usual process. In favor of the existing process, Council denied the request.

Other Business

Councilmember Absences: There were none

Planning Schedule: Remove Water System Plan from November 5th.
Add Joint Facilities Planning Update to November 5th or 19th.
Add WRIA Watershed Planning to December 3rd.
To be scheduled: Downtown Development Code Changes.

Board Appointments: There were none.

Councilmember Reports: There were none.

Adjournment 11:01 pm

[Important Note: The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded on tape and are filed in the City Clerk's Office. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also filed in the City Clerk's office.]


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