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Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Call To Order

Mayor Merkle called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.

Roll Call

City Councilmembers Susan Blake (arrived 6:21pm), Brian Cairns (arrived 7:38pm), Judy Clibborn, Sven Goldmanis, Dan Grausz, El Jahncke, and Mayor Alan Merkle (arrived 7:38pm) were present.

Study Session

AB 3615 Web Site Roll-Out
E-Gov Project Manager Tina Eggers presented the City of Mercer Island’s new web site.


There were none


It was moved by Councilmember Blake; seconded by Councilmember Goldmanis to:

Approve the Study Session & Regular Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2001 as amended:
Page 3, Item (7), AB 3610: ”Council discussed the implications of providing pedestrian and bicycle facilities along East Mercer Waythe Mercer Ways.”

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Consent Calendar
Payables: $ 493,888.07  
Payrolls: $ 418,326.07

It was moved by Councilmember Clibborn; seconded by Councilmember Blake to:

Approve the Consent Calendar and the recommendations contained therein.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 7-0.

Regular Business

AB 3614 Implementation Plan for Mitigating Impacts of Park and Ride on the North End.
Assistant City Manager Linda Herzog, Public Safety Director Jan Deveny, and Transportation Planner Nancy Fairchild presented information regarding the impacts of the Park-and-Ride on the North End and in the Central Business District.

Public Comments:
Gordon Iwata, 2257 80th Ave SE, Co-Chair of ITAC, disagreed that Island residents be allowed to park in the neighborhood.
Peggy Sue Jergens, a transit rider, believes in permitting of Island residents to park on north end streets and in the leased lot.
Don Lindblad, 2280 78th Ave SE, believes that allowing park-and ride overflow on neighborhood streets is unethical and impractical.
Nicki Bloom asked that the City abide by commitments to the north end neighborhood.
Tom Donahue, 2284 78th Ave SE, endorsed the consultant’s work and believes that even Island commuters belong in commercial parking lot.
Ms. Hammond supports modifications proposed by staff.
Tom Roberts, 2270 78th Ave SE, supports comments of his neighbors and believes that issuance of permits will encourage misuse of residential zoning in his neighborhood.
Glenn Sparrow, 2220 82nd Ave SE, endorses the arguments of those who oppose permitting, parking in the north end neighborhood for other Mercer Island residents.
Brian Caditz, 7421 SE 29th, owner of Early World Montessori, endorsed the modification to reduce the size of the restricted parking area in the CBD.

It was the consensus of the Council to eliminate parking for non-Mercer Island commuters from City streets and implement the least intrusive methods necessary to get this desired result.

  1. City will lease as many spaces as possible in private lot effective December 1, 2001.
  2. By application, issue a Mercer Island parking sticker to any vehicle if the vehicle is registered to an address on Mercer Island, or the vehicle is registered to an address outside Mercer Island and the owner can establish Mercer Island residency. Stickers will be issued at a nominal (processing) charge.
  3. The sticker must be affixed to the vehicle and permits parking in the leased lot and restricted areas north of the park-and-ride and in the Central Business District.
  4. Restricted zones (geographic limits) will be as recommended in Exhibit 1 of AB 3614.
  5. In areas where parking is allowed in the north end neighborhood, signs will read “Permit Parking Only.”
  6. In areas where parking is allowed in the Central Business District, signs will read “Permit Parking Only before 9 AM.”
  7. All parking restrictions will be enforced weekdays.
  8. Restrictions will go into effect January 7, 2002.
  9. There will be a two-week warning period.
  10. Results will be monitored for effectiveness for 3 months beginning February 1, 2002 and ending April 30, 2002.
  11. Staff will develop criteria for instituting Residential Parking Zones.

Funding for the operating expenses associated with the leasing of private parking and added enforcement will come from the Beautification Fund (requires ordinance change).

AB 3615 Pioneer Park Master Plan
Parks & Recreation Director Pete Mayer presented the Pioneer Park Master Plan.

It was moved by Councilmember Cairns; seconded by Councilmember Clibborn to:

Approve funding of $365,673 from the Capital Reserve Fund for capital projects identified in the Pioneer Park Master Plan.

The Chair put the question on the motion; Motion Passed 6-1. (Councilmember Goldmanis dissenting.)

Open Council Discussion
Councilmember Jahncke proposed amending the Mercer Island City Code to relieve candidates from the requirement to have PDC forms filed with the City (just with the County and State).

Other Business

Councilmember Absences: There were none.

Planning Schedule:
-Move King County Jail Negotiations – Yakima Jail Interlocal to December 3.
-Move King County Offer to Transfer Ownership of Luther Burbank Park and Mary Wayte Pool to November 5.
-Move Joint Community Facilities Update to November 5.

Board Appointments: There were none.

Councilmember Reports: There were none.

Adjournment: 11:15 pm

[Important Note: The proceedings of the City Council meeting were recorded on tape and are filed in the City Clerk's Office. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also filed in the City Clerk's office.]


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