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Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Call To Order

Commissioner Baska called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.

Roll Call

Present Commissioners: Baska, Laszlo, Senff, Dawson Absent Commissioners: Chairman McDonald, Glick, and Sandler

Staff Present

Staff: Kathy Harbert, Richard Hart


Senff motioned to approve March 8, 2000 Meeting Minutes; Laszlo seconded; Motion Passed Vote 4-0

Regular Business


APPLICANT: Indigo Real Estate Services, Inc. (Shorewood Heights)

SUBJECT: Two Refuse/Recycling Buildings and One Metro Bus Shelter

LOCATION: South of I-90 to SE 36th Street, between 88th Avenue SE and 90th Avenue SE

STAFF REPORT: Kathy Harbert, Associate Planner, summarized the staff report into the record. The two-refuse/recycling buildings are considered “major new construction”, and the Metro bus shelter is considered “minor new construction”.

APPLICANT PRESENTATION: Mr. Robert Misel, GGLO Architects, 1191 Second Avenue, Suite 1650, Seattle, WA represented the applicant. Mr. Misel summarized the procedure residents will use if the proposal is approved: all residents will individually dispose of their refuse and recycling at one of the two facilities proposed. Each resident will have a key to operate the trash compactor. He summarized the existing procedure residents use: the renovated units already individually dispose their refuse at collection areas; for the remaining 358 units waiting to be renovated, the apartment staff uses a cart system two-to-three times a week, stopping at each building to collect refuse. Once the 358 units are renovated, they too will individually dispose of their refuse. Residents that do recycle, presently use the recycling facility located at Mercerdale Park. The proposed facilities include paper and glass recycling, picked up by Eastside Disposal.

Mr. Chris Ballestrino, 538 Lakeside Avenue S., Suite 105, Seattle, WA, manufacture representative for the compactor system, summarized the operation of the proposed refuse removal system: the compactor is self-contained, taken from the site once a week; the compactor utilizes a rail system where the truck backs up to the compactor to load it; within 45 minutes the compactor is returned to the facility; the procedure will not occur during 7a.m. and 9a.m daily; the noise created when a resident operates the compactor is similar to the noise a car makes when starting up and will last approximately 42 seconds, 8-10 times a day.

Mr. Misel continued, describing the architectural features of each facility and the site details: the materials and colors chosen are consistent with the existing features of the complex; the vehicular gates are proposed as aluminum, a new material choice, however the wear-and-tear the doors will encounter call for a durable non-painted surface; and, the gates are detailed with vertical rods with openings above for ventilation.

PUBLIC TESTIMONY: Councilman Brian Cairns asked Mr. Misel how the residents are getting to the facilities; are they walking or driving and what about parking. Mr. Misel stated most residents would use cars as they exit to go to a further designation. He continued, two cars could park in front of the gates at the north entry facility; there are ample parking spaces at the south entry facility. Debbie Hanan, Indigo Real Estate Services, Inc., 3209 Shorewood Drive, Mercer Island, WA addressed Councilman Cairns question: the 160 renovated units use a satellite dumpster currently until the proposed facilities are built; residents are use to walking and biking; the proposal has been presented to residents and management has not had any complaints about the individual disposing of refuse; there have been complaints of odors in the common halls regarding the units which have individual trash pickup; the proposed facilities would correct the odor problem. She continued, commenting on the Metro bus shelter: the north entry bus route did not qualify for a Metro bus shelter; the south entry route did qualify.

COMMISSIONER DISCUSSION: North Entry Proposal: Commissioner Dawson suggested planting groundcover and perennials near the edges of the rockery walls; she asked Mr. Misel to have the landscape architect to include these. Commissioner Laszlo suggested locating the sign on the northwest side of the building. Commissioner Dawson asked for clarification on colors for the buildings. Mr. Misel answered: the north building will be mostly brick with dark green wood siding; the south building would be blue, both colors matching the respective adjacent structures.

South Entry Proposal: Commissioner Baska suggested to place the indentification sign on the south wall and if a window or additional landscaping could go above/near the sign. Commissioner Dawson suggested additional vegetation to include taller plant material along the south elevation; and, asked if color should be applied to the gates in order to be consistent with the complex. Mr. Misel commented the color choice would either be white or black; white would look dirty and the reason aluminum was chosen is because of the programatic use the doors will have. Commissioner Baska replied, color is a good thought, but the aluminum works. Commissioner Dawson suggested decreasing the height of the concrete wall to allow for more brick veneer instead.

Metro Bus Shelter Proposal: Commissioner Laszlo suggested the shelter be located to not impact the branches of the existing tree and that better landscaping is needed in front of the sidewalk leading to the shelter. Mr. Misel added the shelter would be located to accommodate the tree branches and additional landscaping could be provided. Commissioner Senff suggested brown to be the color of the shelter.

MOTION: Commissioner Dawson motioned the following condition to be placed on all three proposals:

  1. A landscape bond in the amount approved by the Development Services Group shall be submitted to the City for the duration of two years from date of final inspection.

Commissioner Laszlo seconded the Motion; Motion Passed 4-0.

North Entry Proposal:

MOTION: Commissioner Senff stated and motioned the Recommended Motion from the Staff Report to include the following conditions:

  1. Decrease the height of the concrete foundation wall in order to maximize the use of brick veneer.
  2. Locate the identification sign on the west facade of the building.
  3. Include ground cover and other appropriate landscaping, such as perennials and ground covers, along each rockery wall.

Commissioner Dawson seconded the Motion; Motion Passed 4-0.

South Entry Proposal:

MOTION: Commissioner Dawson stated and motioned the Recommended Motion from the Staff Report to include the following condition:

  1. The architect and landscape architect are to review treatment of the south elevation; placement of a window and/or supplemental landscaping to reach a taller height than the proposed rhododendron and azaleas is required.

Commissioner Senff seconded the Motion; Motion Passed 4-0.

Metro Bus Shelter Proposal:

MOTION: Commissioner Laszlo stated and motioned the Recommended Motion from the Staff Report to include the following conditions:

  1. No short or long term impacts to the existing tree and its branches are to occur when installing the bus shelter.
  2. Relocate or replace existing shrubs located in the west vicinity of the bus shelter, near the perimeter of the sidewalks. Other new landscaping is to be incorporated near the shelter as well.
  3. The color of the bus shelter is to be brown, offered by Metro.

Commissioner Dawson seconded the Motion; Motion Passed 4-0.

Other Business

Scheduled absences for the next meeting are Commissioners Senff and Baska.

Meeting Adjourned:
9:30 PM

Council Liaison Report:
Councilman Cairns commented that the Mayor is reviewing a list of names for the replacement of the two open Commissioner positions. The names are to be presented at the next City Council meeting. He also noted that the Sound Transit meeting on March 31, 2000 went well with ideas shared by various team members and they were well received by Sound Transit. Other updates included the Mercerdale Park play area would come before the Design Commission for its review in the future. Also added, trees were discussed at the Council retreat; no decision was made; further discussion is to come.

Next Regular Meeting:
Tentatively April 26, 2000 Kathy Harbert will call each Commissioner to confirm.

[Important Note: The proceedings of the Design Commission meeting were recorded on tape and are on file with the Development Services Group. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also available from the Development Services Group.]


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