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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Open Space Trust Board members present
Jim Owens, Chairman, Ira Appelman, Vice Chairman,
Bill Duvall, Rita Moore, Jim Pearman and Marguerite Sutherland

Open Space Trust Board members absent
Gail Magnuson

Pete Mayer, Director, Parks and Recreation, Paul West, Arborist


There were no public appearances.

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by Trustee Duvall and seconded by Trustee Moore to approve the minutes of the June 5, 2003 meeting. Motion unanimously approved.

Old Business

Starbucks Grant Application
The application was submitted on June 30, 2003. Trustee Moore was commended for her work in helping to prepare the visual portion of the application.

Trillium Update
Although the Board did not meet the July 1 submittal deadline for an article in the Recreation Guide, Trustee Moore will contact the Parks and Recreation Department to see if it's too late to submit it later this week. She will also send the potential article about Trust Board news to each Trust Board member for review and editing.

Summer Celebration! Booth
Trustee Owens passed around a sign-up sheet for the Open Space Trust Board members to work a block of time at the Summer Celebration! booth on July 12 and 13, 2003. A canopy, tables, and chairs will be provided by the City of Mercer Island. The Board will use a display board showing the canopy conditions of Pioneer park, a map of the trails in the park, a photo board showing the trail and potential bridge, and copies of the Pioneer Park nature guide. Trustee Moore will print her photos and mount them on the display board for use at the booth. Trustee Owens, Moore and Appelman will meet with Paul West on Wednesday, July 2, to gather the materials to use at the booth.

Ravine Bridge
Paul distributed a folder to each Trust Board member containing the following pieces of information:

" Matrix of Forest Management Typologies. This explains the different typologies or strategies which is a hybrid of purely native and conifers. The overall strategy is to work in the purely native and move towards a more conifer forest where possible.

" Proposed budget projection. Paul used the dollar amounts he thinks we will get and suggested a series of forest management projects to be accomplished through 2008 - $50K/year. These projects are divided into two sections:

Park-wide Projects
  • Controlling ivy on trees, laurel, and holly. - $5,000/year.
  • Encroachments and neighborhood partnerships. - $5,000/year. Paul explained that there needs to be a budget for this topic because there are some neighbors who are encroaching on the park and want to restore the park behind their house. These citizens may require assistance. There are also neighbors who just moved into the area whose property has an historical encroachment that they had nothing to do with and they are saying go ahead and fix it. Paul believes some money will be needed to do a partnership with these citizens.
  • Tree Risk Management - $5,000/yr. This is money for dealing with hazardous tree.
  • Forest Management Plan - $8,000 in 2003 for supplemental consulting work, mailings
  • Updating and Revising of Forest Management Plan - $10,000 in 2011.
18 Additional Project Areas

These pertain to areas where there is high canopy gap or fragmented canopy and high light exposure. Paul provided a hand out. These are areas that would
be targeted for active management to obtain forest conditions specified by the forest management plan now under development. These are sequenced so there is some continuity in each area rather than jumping from quadrant to quadrant.

Pioneer Park Restoration Planning Form - Sample
Paul suggests that the Trust Board use this form as a way of reviewing projects
and documenting the process.

Trustee Appelman questioned how anyone can know when someone working in the park who is not an employee has permission to be there working. Trustee Moore suggested that the Parks Department and the Open Space Trust Board offer a course for the citizens whose homes border Pioneer Park so they can learn what the native plants are in the Pioneer Park. Trustee Appelman said that in the past, some citizens were more concerned about what the plants and trees in Pioneer Park were doing to their property, i.e. shedding leaves, and they wanted the City do something about it. He wants it to be clear to these individuals that you have to have permission from the City to do a project in the Park. How can this be ensured?

New Business

Walking Tour of Pioneer Park
Paul pointed out the following examples:

I. Northwest Quadrant:
  • 2' wide brushing of a trail which is the standard
  • An obstruction to be removed by the trail crew because it's lower than an 8' high clearing
  • A regenerating tree
  • Canopy gaps
  • Restoration project by a citizen as discussed at the June 5, 2003 meeting - he wants the City to pay for the initial blackberry removing and he would do the maintenance thereon-Paul has told him to wait until there is an adopted Forest Management Plan.
  • An area where brushing might insure better viewing of the openness of the forest
  • An encroachment by a neighboring property owner
  • Test on a tree full of ivy where Paul cut holes and injected Round Up
  • Fragmented canopy

II. Ravine Trail from East Mercer Way: The Quarrles' property border

  • The ravine bridge location - The Trust discussed the logistics of getting the bridge footings poured and the safety of using teenage workers.

III. Southeast Quadrant:

  • Trees topped by Puget Sound energy
  • Holly trees injected with Round Up by Paul - dying from the top down


The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 17, 2003, 7:30 p.m., City Hall Council Chambers.

[Important Note: The proceedings of the Open Space Trust Board meeting were recorded on tape and are filed in the Parks & Rec Department. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also filed in the Parks & Rec Department.]


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