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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Arts Council Members Present
Susan Landon, Philip King, Judith Powers Leithe, Beth Brennen, Frank Mandarano, Doug Glant, Erin Curtiss

Arts Council Members Absent
Rosalie King, Debbie Hanson, Heidi O’Brien

Jennifer Berner, Eileen Trifts


Mike Cero, new Commander of the VFW.

Approval of Minutes

Doug Glant moved that the December meeting minutes be approved as written. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Phil King reported that due to the fact that the new budget year is only 8 days old, there is no financial report for 2003. A final report for 2002 is not yet available due to the fact that not all expenses have been received and/or processed yet.

Chair Report

Susan Landon reminded the council to be mindful of budget issues. She indicated that a meeting with Richard Hart is still in the works. Also, that Rosalie King will report at next month's meeting on the Luther Burbank Park change of hands. February 2 is the current tentative date for the dedication of the Hogue and transfer.

Performance Arts Report
Doug Glant had no report.

Phil King moved to have Doug report on the Veteran’s Project. Motion seconded and carried.

Beth Brennen reported that sponsorship letters for MMIP are being sent out. She asked for input from the Council with regard to bands that they would like to see perform.

Public Art Report

Doug reported that he had some suggested changes to the Veteran’s Recognition Project Call for Artists. Jennifer Berner indicated that this is what the council agreed upon at the last meeting and that some copies have already been sent out. However, she invited members of the Council to let her or Susan know of any corrections or comments they had. There was a consensus that in the interest of time, Susan and Jennifer could review and requests and make changes to future mail-outs as needed.

Erin suggested a directional indicator (North) be placed on the drawing of Mercerdale Plaza on the last page.

Susan requested that staff get an approximate measurement of Mercerdale Plaza and add that to the Drawing too. She also requested To be included in any future emails regarding the Veteran’s Memorial Project.

Frank Manderano asked if the Veteran’s Project could be named the Veteran’s Plaza. It was noted the Park cannot be renamed without it going through the City Council, but that the plaza could be named something like “The Veteran’s Plaza at Mercerdale Park”.

Martketing Report

Frank Mandarano requested that he be allowed to proceed with a citizen art survey. The survey would be designed to find out what MI citizens like and what they’d like to see in the way of art. Doug and Erin suggested we go to the MI Reporter and ask for their assistance in getting some input. Perhaps they could publish several questions and ask for a response from the public. It was agreed that Frank could proceed with identifying questions for the survey with input from other Council Members and bring it back for Council review at the February meeting.

Frank also asked for permission to decide on the colors for the MIAC logo at his sole discretion. The Council decided to proceed with their initial decision to have Susan and Frank meet with the artist and do this together. Susan said she would be available for this meeting.

Literary Report

Judith Leithe had nothing new to report on the All Island Book Club. Jennifer Berner stated that the brochure had recently been updated and that a mailing list has been started.

Susan Landon commented that she is very impressed with the work Judith Leithe has done on the All Island Book Club. She felt she has energized the literary program here on the Island.

Planning Report

No Report.

Staff Report

Jennifer Berner requested that Arts Council Members review the roster and advise of any corrections or changes. Susan asked that in light of the fact that some terms were coming to an end, we should be looking for energetic replacements for those Arts Council Members.

With regard to Luther Burbank, Jennifer reported that the City Manager and Mayor have tentatively set February 2 as the date for the dedication of the Park. This date coincides with the City Council Retreat scheduled at the Community Center.The Park has been winterized so it is anticipated that this will be a small ceremony to be held around noon. Something on a larger scale will be done in the summer, incorporating more festivities, while the park is in full swing. Jennifer asked for suggestions for invitees from the Arts Council. E.g., King County Arts Council.

The Gallagher Hill Art Project is scheduled to be installed January 23 & 24. Jennifer met with the artist and he viewed the site in December. The Council discussed possible dedication dates and the consensus was to hold it on Saturday, January 25, around 3:00 p.m. Susan asked that Jennifer decide on a date and time and email everyone. It was agreed that City Council Members and Department Heads should be invited and there should be an announcement in the newspaper.


The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12, 7:30 p.m. at CCMV.

[Important Note: The complete agenda and official minutes of the Arts Council meeting are filed in the Parks & Rec Department.


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