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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


Arts Council Members Present
Susan Landon, Rosalie King, Beth Brennen, Heidi Hilth O'Brien, Judith Powers Leithe, Phil King, Debbie Hanson, Frank Mandarano, Doug Glant, Erin Curtiss

Arts Council Members Absent

City Council

City Council, Sven Goldmanis

Jennifer Berner, Eileen Trifts


Mike Cero, Jerry Gribble, & Jim Trombold

Approval of Minutes

Doug Glant Motioned for Approval of the Minutes of February 12, 2003. Beth Brennen seconded and the motion passed.

Treasurerís Report

Phil King, Treasurer, reported that the City's computer has been down for several days and he did not have a report.

Chair Report

Susan Landon reported that she and Jennifer Berner had presented the MI Arts Council 2002 Report and 2003 Plan to the City Council at their meeting on April 7.

Performance Arts Report
Beth Brennen reported that MI Chiropractic, with a $2,500 donation, is the newest sponsor for Mostly Music in the Park. Mostly Music now has a total of $10,000 in sponsorships for 2003. Expenses to date for this program are $11,771, however, private donations (patrons) have yet to start coming in.

Public Art Report

Doug Glant and members of the Veteran's Recognition Project Committee presented the committee's selection for the Council's consideration. Following a lengthy discussion with input from members of the committee, Phil King motioned that the council vote to proceed with consideration of this project as presented pending engineering analysis consideration and some other possible modifications. The motion was seconded. There was additional discussion regarding the esthetics of this selection, and the fact that it was inconsistent with the aesthetic characteristics of Mercerdale Park. Susan Landon called for a vote. The motion failed.

The council members thanked the Selection Committee for their time and effort in reviewing the submissions. Despite the vote, the Arts Council pledged to incorporate the essence of what the veteran representatives desired in creating a lasting tribute to the sacrifices that war veterans have made. The Arts Council will be meeting with the Parks and Recreation staff to determine how best to proceed utilizing much of the work and information that the Artist Selection Committee produced.

Martketing Report

No report.

Literary Report

Judy Leithe reported that the All Island Book Club schedule appeared in the Parks and Recreation Spring Summer Guide and that the new May/June Flyers have been sent out to the Book Club Members, Schools and posted in various locations around the island. Copies were distributed to Council Members.

Planning Report

No Report

Staff Report

Jennifer Berner asked council members for a final review of the business card proofs. Staff will proceed with any corrections and order the cards.

With regard to the request for an Open Studio Tour in conjunction with Summer Celebration!, it is too late to include it this year, but suggested that we could consider it for next year. She asked if Council Members wanted to wait that long or perhaps consider another time of year. Debbie Hanson suggested we might look at another time of year where there is not as much happening. Perhaps October or November during the pre-holiday period. The consensus was that this was a good idea and that we should start small with around three galleries and then grow to around six. It was also agreed that we would want the CCMV gallery and the chamber gallery on the list.

City Council Report

City Councilman Sven Goldmanis gave an update to the Arts Council with regard to the 2003 budget. He said that the Community Center is a focal point for the City Council. When queried by Arts Council members as to the possibility of including a performance space in the new community center, he indicated that it was a possibility. He said they (the City Council) needed the Arts Council's input. He suggested they get their opinion on record via letters, emails, etc.

Sven complimented the Arts Council on the work they are doing. He said the City Council is very happy with the work process the Arts Council goes through and the results.


The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm. Calendar: Next Council Meeting, Wednesday, May 14, 2003, 7:30 p.m., CCMV.


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