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Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Arts Council Members Present
Susan Landon, Rosalie King, Judith Powers Leithe, Phil King, Debbie Hanson

Jennifer Berner, Eileen Trifts

Approval of Minutes

Rosalie King motioned to approve the minutes as submitted. Debbie Hanson seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurerís Report

Phil King, Treasurer distributed copies of the current financial report. The total expenditures for the year to date are under 20% of budget.

Chair Report

With regard to the status of the Veteran's Recognition Project, Susan Landon reported that she and Beth and Judy, as a committee, have identified several metal artists and are basically pulling together a concept and will work with staff to put it out to bid when that time comes. Phil King moved to thank all the departing Arts Council members. The motion was seconded and passed. Susan handed out departing gifts to Rosalie King and Debbie Hanson, who will be much missed by all. Susan commented that there are two new sculptures in the Outdoor Gallery. She felt the Council should consider re-siting them. Jennifer Berner advised the Council that Diane Mortenson, who had placed these two sculptures has requested that the Arts Council advise her if they would like these pieces re-sited. Susan and Jennifer will meet at the Outdoor Gallery sometime during the coming week to re-site one or both pieces.

Performance Arts Report
In Beth Brennen's absence, Susan read her report. Mostly Music in the Park is at $11,550 - this does not include individual sponsors. A brochure with Mostly Music in the Park performers and dates will be included in the June/July utility mailings. A poster is ready to go to the printer too.

Public Art Report

Jennifer Berner reported that the art piece is in place at Homestead Park. The plaques have arrived and will be installed with the help of the Parks Maintenance staff. Following a short discussion, it was determined that a dedication will not be scheduled at this time. Jennifer will contact family member, Paul Widen, and let him know the sculpture has been installed.

Martketing Report

No Report

Literary Report

Judy Leithe reported that the Wooden O presentation last Tuesday went very well. There was good participation and it was a lot of fun. Susan asked Judy to email Arts Council members to remind them about the next scheduled presentation.

Planning Report

No report.

Community Arts

In Erin's absence, Judy reported that Erin has requested that she assist her with the Bookmark. Judy is happy to lend a hand.

Staff Report

Jennifer distributed copies of the recently received new edition of the Mercer Island Arts Directory (5th Edition). She requested additions to the current distribution list. It is currently placed in local places including the chamber of commerce, library and the Youth Theatre Northwest. Debbie Hanson suggested it be sent to all of the schools to the attention of the Docent Chairperson. It was also suggested that copies be sent to the Mercer Island bead shop, "Hand of the Hills". Susan asked that a cover letter listing this year's Arts Council members be included with any mailings.

New Arts Council Business Cards with the Arts Council logo were distributed to members of the Arts Council.

Jennifer reminded Arts Council members to fill out their one-page committee reports.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm. Calendar: Next Council Meeting, Wednesday, June 11, 2003, 7:30 p.m., CCMV.


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