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Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Arts Council Members Present
Judith Powers Leithe, Phil King, Erin Curtiss, June Mulcahy, Susan Edelheit

Jennifer Berner, Eileen Trifts

Approval of Minutes

Erin Curtiss motioned to approve the minutes with a minor typographic amendment. The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurerís Report

Phil King, Treasurer reported that we are just under 40% of budget expended to date. We are right on target.

Chair Report

In Susan Landonís absence, Beth Brennan chaired the meeting and introduced and welcomed new Arts Council Members June Mulcahy and Susan Edelheit.

Jennifer Berner addressed the Mercer Island Arts Council retreat plans. Carl, Chair of the Planning Commission, is to be a speaker at the retreat. He will talk about downtown development and how the Arts Council fits in. Dates under consideration for the retreat are July 19, July 26 and August 20. The retreat will be held at Farmerís Insurance Building.

Performance Arts Report
Beth Brennen gave an update on Mostly Music In The Park. All of the dates have been set. A new brochure has been completed and will go out in utility mailings to all Island Residents.

Public Art Report

Beth Brennan reported on the status of the Veteranís Recognition Project. Five artists or groups of artists have been identified as qualified professionals for consideration. Susan Landon has met with or spoken with the artists. They are willing to do the Veteranís project for the funds we have available. Susan will meet with the past selection committees and Sven Goldmanis to be sure they are in agreement with the direction the Arts Council is going. A full report will be provided at the next meeting.

Jennifer Berner reported that there are three methods for selecting the artist(s) for the Veteranís Recognition Project. The last two calls have been for open competition. We have not found that to be successful, so will try one of the remaining methods. (1) Limited Competition Ė a call for artist goes out to a limited number of artists for submission of proposals. (2) Direct Competition Ė One artist is selected to submit either an existing artwork or create a new artwork. After Susan meets with the artists, one of these two processes will be selected.

With regard to the Outdoor Gallery, Beth reported that some of the art pieces have been relocated.

Martketing Report

No Report

Literary Report

Judith Powers Leite shared a scrapbook which chronicles the literary events for this year. She gave a brief report on current events, including the Elizabethan Era Program held last weekend. It was filled to capacity with 80 participants. Judith distributed copies of the Celebrate Shakespeare Posters for upcoming productions. Copies have also been distributed to some of the high schools and middle schools.

Planning Report

No Report

Community Art

Erin Curtiss reported that work continues on the bookmark project. She also reported that distribution of the new Artist Directory to downtown businesses will begin with the receipt of booklet holders that have been ordered. She mentioned that there was an article about the directory in the Mercer Island Reporter today.

Staff Report

Jennifer Berner distributed copies of the updated 2003 Committee Assignments. She requested that 2003 Calendar Update requests be returned by the next meeting with updates and additions. Jennifer reminded everyone to fill out their Committee Reports following the completion of any activity as these are used in preparing the annual report.

Jennifer reported that the City Council will vote on how to proceed with the Community Center (remodel or rebuild) at their next meeting on June 16. She encouraged Arts Council members to attend and give the Council their support.


The meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm. Calendar: Next Council Meeting, Wednesday, July 9, 2003, 7:30 p.m., CCMV.


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