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Wednesday, May 08, 2002


Arts Council Members Present
Amanda Clark, Rosalie King, Beth Brennen, Debbie Hanson, Susan Landon, Frank Mandarano, Doug Glant

Arts Council Members Absent
Heidi O’Brien, Phil King, Judy Leithe, Erin Curtiss

City Council Liaison
Sven Goldmanis, absent

Jen Berner, Diane Mortenson

Approval of Minutes

Beth moved to approve the April 10th minutes. Motion Carried.

Secretary's Report

Debbie Hanson
Susan read the letter to Eugene Ferguson congratulating him on his citizen of the year award.

Treasurer’s Report

Phil King, absent
Jen handed out and recapped the financial report.

Chair Report

Susan Landon
Welcomed new members. Susan e-mailed the design commission, Richard Hart and Rich Conrad regarding page 9 and adding a #C to the A and B in the draft plan of the downtown projects, and read the letter. The Arts Council understands they have no authority to private art but would like to be written in as an advisory. Beth sent a letter to the mayor and Don McDonald regarding her personal thoughts of floral designs representing art.


Phil King
No Report.

Performance Arts Report
Beth Brennen/Debbie Hanson/Doug Glant
The MMIP schedule for the Utility Bills will be completed and inserted in the next billing cycle. Shared the article in the Reporter of the new teen facility being organized at the old MI Pueblo Restaurant. Debbie is soliciting more teens to help organize the Outdoor Film Festival, and thought the volunteers with the teen facility might be a good resource. Doug has reviewed the applicants for the 2003 KC Performance Network, and suggests Book-It’s production of Dorothy Parker’s Glory in the Daytime. After discussion the council agreed to present Book-It.

Public Art Report

Amanda Clark
An artist has been chosen for the Gallagher Hill project. The sculpture is a flock of birds that rotate in the wind. Maintenance issues need to be resolved before the final offer. Amanda moved to accept the Flock by Mark Fuller for the Gallagher Hill site. Discussion held regarding maintenance. Motion Carried. Minutes from the April 24th Veteran’s Memorial Public Meeting were handed out. The artist selection committee will be larger due to the nature of this project. Member will include Veterans Dean Quigley, Jerry Gribble, Frank Mandarano, and Mike Sorero, Arts Council member Amanda Clark, and a design commissioner and artist of Mercer Island are still needed. The committee will be complete by the June meeting. The Now We Are One sculpture is installed and will be rededicated late May.

Marketing Report

Frank Mandanaro
Graphic Artist Ken Trimpe presented the edited logo that the council requested from the last meeting. Frank moved to accept the style Ken presented w/o the color. Discussion held. Motion Carried. Ken will e-mail the council more color options.

Literary Report

Judy Leithe, absent
Beth reported that Aaron Elkins, Mystery Writer would be here on May 16th.


Heidi O’Brien~absent
No Report.


Rosalie King
Current show, “Places and Profiles” by Pepper Peterson, Kathleen Redmer and Teresa Saia. Rosalie handed out a model of the WA State Arts Commission Art in Public Places Program.

Community Arts

Erin Curtiss, absent
Erin met with Susan to discuss committee projects, which include the schools.


Debbie Hanson
KC sustained support granted us $7500. Working on the Puget Sound Energy Grant. The MI Reporter granted $500 to MMIP.

Staff Report

Jen Berner and Diane Mortenson
Summer Celebration needs a sponsor for the Chalk Art Drawing. Beth moved to support the Chalk Art in the amount of $250 for Summer Celebration. Motion Carried. The next Local Arts Agency Meeting is Thursday, May 23rd in Issaquah.

Other Business

Rosalie mentioned that Veteran’s Memorials are starting to become more of a priority everywhere.

City Council Liaison Report

Sven Goldmanis, absent



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