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Wednesday, July 10, 2002


Arts Council Members Present
Rosalie King, Beth Brennen, Susan Landon, Erin Curtiss, Heidi O’Brien, Amanda Clark, Debbie Hanson, Judy Leithe

Arts Council Members Absent
Frank Mandarano, Doug Glant, Phil King

City Council Liaison
Sven Goldmanis, absent

Jen Berner, Diane Mortenson


Ann Friedman, King County Arts Commission Public Art Coordinator
Ann Spoke regarding the Earthworks sculpture in Luther Burbank Park and discussed the transfer from K.C. to Mercer Island.

Approval of Minutes

Secretary's Report

Debbie Hanson
Calendar update.

Treasurer’s Report

Phil King, absent
Jen handed out the financial report.

Chair Report

Susan Landon
Susan is continuing discussion with Richard Hart regarding updating the planning policy guidelines


Phil King, absent
No report.

Performance Arts Report
Beth Brennen/Debbie Hanson
The Buck and Elizabeth concert was cancelled due to rain, and rescheduled for Sunday, August 4th. There was a nice article on Music in the Park in the 7/10 edition of the Mercer Island Reporter. Debbie reported that the teen volunteer committee for the Outdoor Films will be meeting to chose the films either 7/22 or 7/23.

Public Art Report

Amanda Clark
The “Now We Are One” rededication went well and quite a few of Cleve’s family members attended. There has been one complaint regarding the sculpture and the location, Amanda has spoken to the citizen and explained the process of siting the sculpture. The memorial policy committee is finalizing the policies and procedures. The committee would like to work with the City regarding any other memorials. Susan moved to approach Alan Silverman to have the plaque at the Hope sculpture removed and replaced with the traditional plaque that is used with other public art pieces on the Island. Motion Carried. The Arts Council will pay for this to be done. The Veteran’s Memorial Call for Artists was taken to City Council. The budget of $50,000 has been lowered due to the cost of McCloud Reckord for the initial sketches and work already done on the project. The estimated cost was $10,000.

Marketing Report

Frank Mandarano, absent
The Arts Council logo still has not been finalized.

Literary Report

Judy Leithe
Judy has met with Roger, owner of Island Books regarding fall literary events. Two possible locations for events are the south end Starbucks and Island Books.


Heidi O’Brien
Collected hours and handed out hour sheets.


Rosalie King
The new show is photography by Bill Smith, Steve Marts, and Richard Miller. Rosalie discussed the possibility of the Arts Council sponsoring or helping in some way with the sports antique car show that happens on the Island every summer. Rosalie moved to go ahead with the preliminary planning of an early 2003 summer car show. Topic was tabled until next meeting. The council asked that Rosalie get a proposal from the group putting the show on, asking what they would like the Arts Council to help with.

Community Arts

Erin Curtiss
Erin is working on the layout of the Arts Award and researching what the award will actually be. She has contacted the High School Art teachers and has set up a meting for the end of August to discuss a partnership and possible art projects.


Debbie Hanson
No report.

Staff Report

Jen Berner
The Chalk Art Contest at Summer Celebration will be held Sunday, from 11am-1:00pm, which the Arts Council is sponsoring. Ed Nugent of the Gallery Committee spent 7 hours hanging the current show alone. Diane will purchase a gift certificate from Daniel Smith Art Supply in the amount of $50 for him.

City Council Liaison Report

Sven Goldmanis, absent



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