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Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Arts Council Members Present
Rosalie King, Susan Landon, Philip King, Debbie Hanson, Beth Brennen, Frank Mandarano, Judith Powers-Leithe, Doug Glant, Erin Curtiss

Arts Council Members Absent
Heidi O'Brien

City Council Liaison
Sven Goldmanis

Jennifer Berner, Diane Mortenson, Eileen Trifts


Mike Cero & Jerry Gribble
Presentation regarding the Veteran’s Memorial Selection Committee’s choice of art/artist to be presented to the Council at today’s meeting for approval. Both are Veterans and neither felt that this particular piece of art was representative of the original intent. They would like to see something that represents a feeling or interactive place that recognizes all Veterans rather than a piece of art that memorializes them.

Approval of Minutes

Erin Curtiss moved that the October meeting minutes be approved. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Phil King reviewed the financial report.

Performance Arts Report
Doug Glant and Judy Leithe will work together on the children’s bookmark project.

Public Art Report

Diane Mortenson gave the background of the Veteran’s Project Artist Selection meeting. There was a lengthy discussion of the request received earlier in the evening regarding the panel’s selection. The Call for Artists was reviewed and some modifications were made by the Council.
Debbie Hanson moved that the call for Artists be extended and reconvene the Selection Committee to review the new submissions along with the (top) three previous selections. Phil King amended the motion to include “pursuant to the new modifications of the call”. Rosalie King seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Discussion was held regarding wanting the Veteran’s project to represent more of a place rather than a “thing”.

Literary Report

A flyer has been published for the All Island Book Club featuring up-coming events, and an ad was placed in the Mercer Island Reporter. The first performance was November 12 and was well received and attended. Susan Landon asked that the MI Arts Council Logo be added to future flyers/ads.


MIVAL is currently showing at CCMV. Restoration is almost complete on the John Hogue piece at Luther Burbank.

Community Arts

Staff will be completing the final layout of the Arts Award with Erin’s help. The Recreation Guide, due out in mid-December, may be delayed due to a death at the publishing agency.


Youth Theatre Northwest has requested financial assistance of $500 for an upcoming production. Rosalie King moved that this requested be funded. Motion carried.

Other Business

Council did not vote on the memorial policy, and they must vote in December. Rosalie King moved to approve the memorial policy as written, but then tabled her own motion pending additional discussion in December.

City Council Liaison Report

Sven Goldmanis reported that the current big issues include staff changes that are currently going on in our city government as well as traffic and parking issues. The Council is in the midst of approving the upcoming budget. A 2004-05 tax increase is possible. The pool and a new Community Center are two council topics.


The meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11. It is the holiday meeting and will be hosted by Heidi O’Brien.


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