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Wednesday, February 13, 2002


Arts Council Members Present
Rosalie King, Phil King, Beth Brennen, Heidi O’Brien, Susan Landon, Frank Mandarano, Linda Lacey, Debbie Hanson

Arts Council Members Absent
Yarden Weidenfeld, Amanda Clark

City Council Liaison
Sven Goldmanis

Jennifer Berner, Diane Mortenson


Ken Trimpe, graphic artist

Approval of Minutes

Susan moved that the January 9, 2002 minutes be approved. Motion Carried.

Secretary's Report

Susan Landon
Updates for calendar.

Treasurer’s Report

Phil King
Phil recapped the financial report.

Chair Report

Rosalie King
Mayor Merkle proclaimed February 12th Arts Day on Mercer Island. The Arts Award was reviewed. Susan moved that we accept the art award document. Amendments were added. Motion Carried. Arts Council retreat: April 27th, 9am-1:30pm, at Farmers New World Life. Richard Hart from Developmental Services Group will be speaking on the community development projects and how the Arts Council can interface with the Planning department to facilitate the incorporation of art.

Performance Arts Report
Debbie Hanson
Met with Wooden O Theatre to negotiate the season of Shakespeare. MIAC will be supporting the program in the amount of $4587.50. Captain Smarty Pants, March 2nd, volunteers needed to work taking/selling tickets. Beth Brennen will be the new MMIP chair. KeyBank has confirmed title co-sponsor at $2500.

Public Art Report

Amanda Clark
Gallagher Hill Call For Artists is being prepared and will be on the March 4th city council agenda. The Veteran’s Memorial Committee will meet on February 22nd. A decision needs to made on Paul Weidman’s metal sculpture.

Marketing Report

Frank Mandanaro
Frank is proposing two elephant sculptures by an artist from Sun Valley to be shown in the outdoor gallery. Frank and Linda will collect all the necessary information before submitting to the Gallery Committee. Ken Trimpe, graphic artist from the Creative Department presented his work and estimates on the MIAC logo. After review Frank moved that the MIAC use graphic artist Ken Trimpe. Motion Carried. Discussion held on the logos, as well as the estimated cost. Susan moved to award a contract to Ken Trimpe for $1260 for the design of the logo. Motion Carried. Susan moved that pursuant to the receipt of budget worksheets from members we will revisit the issue of business paper design (the other estimate) at the next meeting. It was amended to discuss this at April’s meeting. Motion Carried. Each member chose their top three and discussed with others. The publicity fund has $2000 budgeted, $330 under the total cost. Monies from other Arts Council funds can be allocated after committee budget worksheets are submitted to determine the source of the funds.

Literary Report

Beth Brennen
Upcoming events: March 16, 10:30am, CCMV, Maggie Bennett; April 5, CCMV, Poetry Café; April 25, Carol Glickfield; April 16, CCMV Aaron Elkins. The children’s librian at the M.I. library has asked the MIAC to sponsor some of the library’s summer literary events. Discussion was held. Phil moved that the MIAC sponsor one at this time, Clay martin’s Puppet Theater. Motion Carried. The King County Library System has a huge storyfest in August involving international storytellers. The MIAC would like to be involved.

Planning Report

Phil King
We are on target with the five-year plan.


Heidi O’Brien
Handed out timesheets and a draft slate of new positions.

Community Arts

Yarden Weidenfeld absent
Staff continues to work on Artist Directory


Linda Lacey
Hongduan Yang’s bio will be submitted to Reporter for more advertising.


Susan Landon
A bid for a new Star Shade Canopy has been solicited from KD Canopy. This bid will be presented to Rich Conrad who has agreed to replace the previous vandalized one.

Staff Report

Jennifer Berner/Diane Mortenson
No report.

City Council Liaison Report

Sven Goldmanis

-New City Council member Jim Pearman
-Tree Ordinance passed
-School levy passed
-The City will pay for the new MMIP canopy, because it was vandalized.
-The Veteran’s Memorial Project has the lead of the MIAC.
-Sven will be the MIAC liaison for 2002.



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