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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Call To Order

Chair Susan Landon called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in Room A-5 at the Community Center at Mercerview, 8236 SE 24th Street, Bldg B, Mercer Island, Washington.


Arts Council Members Present
Members Susan Landon, Heidi O’Brien, Erin Curtiss, June Mulcahy, Margaret Minnick, James Dugan, Barry Massoudi, Susan Edelheit, Philip King, and Judy Leithe were present.

Arts Council Members Absent

City Council Liaison
City Council member Sven Goldmanis was absent.

Recreation Supervisor Jennifer Berner and Recreation Coordinator Diane Mortenson were present.


Frank Mandarano – Veteran and past Arts Council Member
PO Box 1015
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Mr. Mandarano shared his and the local veterans’ support of the Veteran’s project. He encourages the Arts Council to move on with the project and assures them that the Veterans’ are happy with the pergola project.

Approval of Minutes

It was moved by Member Jim Dugan to amend the regular meeting minutes of August 13, 2003 as follows:

Addition to the minutes under the Public Art Report, just prior to the motion by Erin Curtiss to approve the proposal and ask the City Council to approve the additional $20,000 needed to build it.

After Mr. Sparrow and his wife had left the meeting, concerns about aspects of the design for the band shell/pergola were raised by council members Jim Dugan, Margaret Minnick, and Barry Massoudi, including: agreement with Mr. Sparrow’s concerns about the 8 foot clearance of the majority of the structure; agreement that some inclusion of a flag in a veteran’s recognition structure seemed an appropriate request; concerns that the artist’s design proposal had jumped from the $36,000 originally contained as part of the RFP response to over $56,000, at an early stage of the design process; a related concern that the artist would be able to deliver an appropriate structure within an accurate budget. These concerns were discussed by the council, and Susan Landon agreed to take them up with Mr. Frombach to see whether any of the design concerns could be accommodated prior to presentation to the City Council.

It was seconded and the minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report

No Report.

Chair Report

Council reviewed a layout showing the size of the seating area under the pergola. Sketches and diagrams of the project were distributed. Discussion was held regarding sizes, budget and seating capacity. Phil King moved to adopt the design of the project as revised with a nine foot clearance, removing the wings and replacing with straight elements and raising the top to nineteen feet as per the sketches. Discussion held. Motion Carried. Jim Dugan moved to approve the design as modified including in the proposal additional funds to be withdrawn from the one percent for art fund in the amount of $20,000. Erin motioned for a friendly amendment for the funds withdrawn “not to exceed” $20,000. Discussion held. Original motion by Jim Dugan remains the same.

Performance Arts Report
Barry attended the Local Arts Agency meeting, and reported that other private organizations seek advisement from the Arts Commissions when installing new art. He also shared public art and gallery brochures.


Heidi handed out hours and reminded members to track their hours.

Public Art Report

Margaret is working on finding a new home for the Peruvian Paso Colt and Totem, during the construction of the Community Center. It was suggested to bring the colt sculpture back to the Community Center when it is complete. The colt was given in honor of Marny Burdega’s service of 25 plus years to the Arts Council and the Parks and Recreation Department at the Community Center.

Martketing Report

June reported on a community outreach program involving all of the public art sculptures. She suggested the Arts Council make an educational presentation with slides on the public art sculptures to the community service organizations on the island, to keep them informed on Arts Council activities. She is also interested in updating with more detail the public art brochure. Erin Curtiss and Margaret Minnick volunteered to assist June with this project.

Literary Report

No Report

Planning Report

No Report

Staff Report

The Cultural Development Authority of King County sustained support grant is due on November 3, 2003. Diane and Susan Edelheit will complete the grant. Please email program ideas that need support from this grant to both Susan and Diane.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm.
Calendar: Next Council Meeting, Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 7:30 p.m., CCMV.

[Important Note: The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are on file at the Parks & Rec Department.]


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