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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Call To Order:

Chair Jim Owens called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.


Roll Call:

Members Jim Owens, Ira Appelman, Bill Duvall, Gail Magnuson, Marguerite Sutherland, Rita Moore and Sven Goldmanis.  Staff present were Pete Mayer, Director and Stephanie Cangie, Administrative Assistant



There were no public appearances.



It was moved by Trustee Appelman and seconded by Trustee Moore to approve the December 4, 2003 minutes with the following corrections:  On Page 1, the second paragraph from the bottom should read, Motion passed 6-1 with Trustee Appelman voting no.  On Page 2, Project #12, should read, A four acre area that was started in 1998…

On Page 2, under Invasive Removal Park wide – the date should be changed to read 2004,

And on Page 2, the second paragraph from the bottom of the page, the second sentence should be changed to read, Trustee Pearman suggested holding…. Motion passed.



Trust Board members introduced themselves to the newly appointed Trustee, Sven Goldmanis.


Old Business:


Ravine Bridge Update

The City’s Development Services Group has accepted the 4’ x 55’ long ravine bridge.  It was suggested that a dedication might be appropriately tied to National Trails Day which is the first weekend of June.   A photo of the bridge was in the Mercer Island Reporter.  Trustee Duvall asked if the bright galvanized fasteners might be darkened with something to make them less bright as it distracts from the rustic look of the bridge.    Director Mayer will check the contract with Sahale, LCC to see if any modifications to the bridge would change the contractor’s guarantee.


Trustee Goldmanis will investigate how the Quarrels property might be deeded to the Trust.  The Board would like to have this property be officially part of the park.


Forest Management Plan Park Projects

The Trust Board discussed prioritizing the numerous park projects set forth in the Forest

Management Plan.  It was suggested that some of the projects could be taken on by service

clubs, such as Project 7, Project 21, and Project 19.  The encroachment task requires a letter

to be drafted and approved by the City Attorney. Staff will pursue this with City Attorney Lindell.


Trustees Owens, Duvall, Moore, and Sutherland will form a committee to approach service clubs to invite them to participate in volunteering in Pioneer Park beginning in June.  Staff will research the names and contact numbers for groups such as Probus, Strivers, Rotary, Lions, Women’s Club, and Kiwanis. Director Mayer suggested that a well-defined project be brought to these clubs, where there’s a clear beginning and end.



New Business:


Election of Officers

Trustee Sutherland nominated the following slate of officers to serve in 2004:

Jim Owens – Chairman

Rita Moore – Vice Chairman

Gail Magnuson – Secretary


The slate of officers was unanimously approved.



Adjournment:    8:37 p.m.

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