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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Call To Order:

Chairman Jim Owens called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall


Roll Call:

Jim Owens, Chairman, Rita Moore, Vice Chairman, Gail Magnuson, Secretary, Bill Duvall, Sven Goldmanis, and Marguerite Sutherland. Staff present were: Pete Mayer, Director of Parks and Recreation, Paul West, Arborist, and Stephanie Cangie, Administrative Assistant



There were no public appearances.



It was moved by Trustee Moore to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of March 4, 2004 as written.  Motion was seconded by Trustee Magnuson and unanimously approved. 


Old Business


Transfer of Ravine Property

Trustee Goldmanis reported that he has spoken with some other City Council members as well as City Attorney Londi Lindell. He believes this is not an appropriate time to transfer this property to the Trust Board.  The Trust Board would like City Attorney, Londi Lindell, to attend a Trust Board meeting in the near future.


Park Projects - Eagle Scout Projects

Paul reported there are currently three Eagle Scout projects in the park. 

1.   In celebration of Earth Day on April 17, 2004, a group of scouts will work on a project to help neighbors on SE 63rd get rid of yard waste that has been placed in the park.

2.   An Eagle Scout group will be adopting an area this summer to follow through on the Forest Management Plan.  The area they will be concentrating on is the northwest corner of the northwest quadrant.

3.   A third group will be working to fix the drainage problem on the ravine trail leading down to the bridge.


Presentation to Kiwanis – April 6, 2004

Chairman Owens and Trustee Moore will make a presentation to the Kiwanis Club to encourage them to become involved with the Pioneer Park.  They will be asked to consider adopting a section of the park, becoming stewards of the Park, and/or joining in one of the work days.


Forest Stewardship Training

Paul has arranged with Chris La Pointe of Earthcorps to conduct a Forest Stewardship Training on Saturday, May 15, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Center at Mercer View.  This training is for those interested in preserving Pioneer Park, upper Luther Burbank Park, or other public open space on Mercer Island. Those who attend this training will be invited to a hands-on training by Earthcorps to be held at a later date.



There are 24 encroachments included in the Forest Management Plan for Pioneer Park. Staff suggested that the encroachments be dealt with in a strategic manner in several phases. 


The City currently has two adjacent property owners who have come to the City to say they recognize they have an encroachment and want to restore it and need assistance in identifying the best methods to do the restoration. This type of collaboration is the most positive but requires a lot of staff energy and time. 


The Board and the Director discussed that a choice needs to be made whether an educational letter be sent to all encroachers at the same time or a letter be sent to those in the individual management areas.  Contacting citizens within each management area allows for the contact to be more individualized and allows the Park Arborist to allot time to interface with the encroachers while balancing his work load.  A mass mailing to all encroachers might create a response that staff cannot respond to in a timely manner. 


Staff presented a brochure from the City of Seattle and suggested that sending an educational brochure is another way to reach the Pioneer Park neighbors while emphasizing what it means to be a good neighbor to the Park.


The Board discussed that the suggested letter would inform the property owner that a property survey was conducted in concert with the Pioneer Park Master Plan and Pioneer Park Forest Management Plan and encroaching needs to be addressed.  The letter might give a deadline for the property owner to contact the City.


The Trust Board agreed that a general information letter from the City Attorney needs to be sent to the adjacent homeowners advising them that a survey was conducted revealing several encroachments.  Additionally, the mailing should include a brochure emphasizing the good neighbor approach.   Then a letter should be sent to the specific encroachers inviting them to a workshop about Pioneer Park encroachments including principles of restoration.  Once the responses come in from those encroaching, staff can decide how to handle the responders.


Director Mayer will talk to the City Attorney about the letter and report her opinion at the next meeting.  Director Mayer will bring an educational letter and sample brochure to the next meeting.


Earth Day

Scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 2004, Trustee Duvall will lead a group of volunteers on the west side of the southeast quadrant along Island Crest Way removing invasives; one homeowner  in the northwest quadrant is interested in removing yard waste behind his property and “adopting” the area; and a group of Boy Scouts, one who is earning his Eagle Scout status, will be working to remove yard waste in the most northwest corner of the northwest quadrant behind another home.  The Parks Maintenance crew will support all of these project areas by hauling the debris away. 



The recently donated bench has been installed facing the Mystic Bird sculpture.



Trustee Moore presented the Board with her draft of the Trillium to be posted on the City’s Website.  She will provide Director Mayer a disk, and he will submit it to Deb Symmonds, Assistant City Manager, to review the layout.


Annual Report

The annual report from the Open Space Trust Board for 2003 needs to be presented at the May 3, 2004 City Council Meeting.  The Arts Council will present its annual report on the same evening.  The deadline is April 28, 2004 to Director Mayer to be included on the Council’s agenda.


Director Mayer further advised that on July 19, 2004 the Trust Board needs to have a 2005-06 work plan ready to present to Council.  The work plan needs to be consistent with the budget biennium of 2005-2006. 


Chairman Owens suggested that the next agenda for the Trust Board include discussion about a working committee to prepare this work plan. 


New Business


PSE Project – SE 68th Street

There is a restoration project on SE 68th Street across from Sunnybeam School.  This is a joint project between the City right-of-way team and Puget Sound Energy along the north boundary of the Sunnybeam School.  There are 12 Douglas fir trees that have been repeatedly topped for power line clearance and as well as holly and laurel and other non-native invasive plant material.  The plan made by the right-of-way team and PSE was to take the Douglas fir, holly, laurel, and ivy out and replace the trees with lower growing trees that would fit under the power lines, i.e. birch, hornbeam.  The goal is to have the ground vegetation be native.  This plan was developed to address the power line clearance issues and enhance the native component in that border area.  The issue being raised by the Sunnybeam school is that the firs provide a screening; until the new trees grow the screening will be at a minimum. This property is not part of Pioneer Park.


Summer Celebration! Booth

Summer Celebration! will be July 10, and 11.   Trustee Moore is planning an ecology educational booth hoping to get people to volunteer in all the parks.  She has both county and state literature to hand out.  The Open Space Trust Board will share a booth with the invasive management group, represented by Rita Moore. 



The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


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