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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Call To Order:

Chairman Jim Owens called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:

Jim Owens, Chairman, Rita Moore, Vice Chairman, Bill Duvall, Don Cohen, Diane Kinman, Marguerite Sutherland were present.  Sven Goldmanis was absent.



Pete Mayer, Director, Paul West, Arborist, Stephanie Cangie, Admin Assistant were present.



There were no public appearances.



The minutes of the July 1, 2004 meeting were unanimously approved.


Old Business

SC! Booth Report

The sign up forms for potential volunteers received at the Summer Celebration booth should be sent to Paul West or Stephanie Cangie.  Trustee Duvall suggested that next year’s booth have a specific focus. Trustee Moore would like the focus to be education.  There was a lot of interest from the public about the ravine bridge. 



Director Mayer will have a finished letter and brochure to mail to the Pioneer Park neighbors whose property abuts the park within the month. Paul West will be the contact person for any neighbors with questions or comments. Chairman Owens would like to see a workshop for those who receive this letter to teach them how to restore the areas affected. 


Forest Stewardship Workshop

Twenty-eight participants attended the May workshop.  One forest steward has become the steward for the upper Luther Burbank area including greeting volunteers and brings food and drink to the volunteers.  No one from the workshop has stepped forward to act as a leader for Pioneer Park in the same way.  It was suggested that the Trust Board ask someone to take on this role.  These trained volunteers need to be contacted and encouraged to volunteer.  Chairman Owens will write a letter from the Trust Board to these volunteers telling them ways they can volunteer in Pioneer Park and encouraging them to come to an informal meeting on October 28.


November 6 is Fall Planting Day.    Trustee Moore will check to see if the Library is available on October 28 for an informal meeting with volunteers to share with each other what projects have been done by volunteers and to encourage them to volunteer on November 6.  This would give an opportunity to encourage these volunteers to suggest and plan projects.  Trustee Moore suggested that past volunteers attend to show what they’ve accomplished.  


Paul suggested planning another Forest Stewardship Workshop in the spring 2005.


Summer Volunteer Projects

Six to eight groups worked in the northwest and southeast quadrant to clear invasives.  The volunteers were from Earthcorps, Student Conservation Program, VOICE (Volunteer Outreach in Communities Everywhere), and Student Volunteer Program as well as miscellaneous Eagle Scout projects.   What is notable is the quality of the work accomplished.  They established a grid system in each project area. The group would work an entire area until it was completely done and then move on to another area. 


The parks maintenance department has maintained the trails in Pioneer Park in keeping with the parameters set forth in the Master Plan. Hazard trees have been identified around the most heavily used trails and some of these will be dropped and some will be made into snags.  The parks maintenance crew is also going back to the areas where the volunteers have tagged larger holly and laurel trees and inject those with Round Up.  The crew will also be bringing in some fill material to repair low spots in equestrian trails.


The Board suggested some informational laminated signs be created and posted where these projects are taking place explaining to the public what the project is and why it is being done with contact information.  Director Mayer suggested the Board write what they would like to tell the public.  Staff will take care of producing it for posting in the park.  Paul West has installed temporary laminated signs at two project sites in the northwest quadrant to let the public know that the projects are legitimate. 


2005-2006 Work Plan

The 2005-06 Work Plan will be presented to City Council on September 20, 2004.  The work plan defines the tasks to be done during 2005 and 2006 using the $50,000 allotted each year of the biennium for work in Pioneer Park.    Director Mayer emphasized that the work plan reflects work tasks set forth in the Forest Management Plan.  The plan also includes public outreach, directional signage, and the encroachment issue. Chairman Owens would like a trail map and guide be part of the plan.


Motion by Trustee Sutherland and seconded by Trustee Moore to approve the work plan as written and present it to City Council on September 20, 2004.  Motion unanimously approved.


Pioneer Park Trail Guide/Signage

Paul will produce 200 more copies of the current trail map.  There is the possibility of having the trail map inserted into the recreation guide. 


Paul suggested that a plan for signage could be accomplished by a landscape architect student.  Signs take a long time to plan and produce.  This is a 2-year project.


New Business


Trustee Moore suggested creating another Trillium this fall highlighting the work done this summer.  The deadline for the winter recreation guide is early November.


Community Outreach

Chairman Owens requested contact information for the Rotary Club and Lions Club. Director Mayer will provide him with the information.   Chairman Owens and Vice Chairman Moore will be contacting these groups to make a presentation encouraging them to adopt a section of the park. 


Next Meeting

October 7, 2004, 7:30 p.m.  Trustee Cohen and Sutherland will not be able to attend.


Adjournment:   9:30 pm 


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