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Community Services Board

The Community Services Board (formerly the Youth and Family Services Advisory Board) was established in 1973 as an advisory board to the Mercer Island City Council on matters having to do with policy, programs, budget, public relations and fundraising for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services.

Twenty-four senior, adult, and youth citizens comprise the board which is staffed by the Youth and Family Services Department. Adult and senior members are appointed by the Mayor to three-year terms and youth members to two-year terms, and confirmed by the City Council. A City Councilmember serves as liaison to the group.

Advisory Board members should have an interest in being involved with youth, adults, and seniors to meet the needs of seniors, youth, and families and skills in the areas of law, social sciences, teaching, parenting or community activities are desirable. Members should be able to commit an estimated three hours of time per month to Advisory Board functions.

Length of Term
4th Tuesday (Sep-Nov & Jan-May), 6:00-7:30 pm at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center
Three years for adults; two years for youth running June 1 - May 31

Email Address
Term Begin
Term End
Allison Bunker   YouthBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2018  
Doris Cassan   SeniorBoardMember     05/31/2018  
Mandy Chivers   AdultBoardMember     05/31/2019  
Cole Comstock   YouthBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2018  
Evan Dickstein   YouthBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2019  
Harry Dingwall   AdultBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2020  
Christopher Elliot   YouthBoardMember     05/31/2019  
Auden Finch   YouthBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2018  
Zach Gottesman   YouthBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2018  
Teri Jones   AdultBoardMember     05/31/2020  
Meg Kerrigan   AdultBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2018  
Martina Kozar   AdultBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2020  
Shabai Li   AdultBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2018  
Susan Lund   SeniorBoardMember     05/31/2018  
Kerra Melvin   AdultBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2019  
Linda Paddor   AdultBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2019  
Stephanie Parmenter   AdultBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2019  
Vacant Position   AdultBoardMember     05/31/2018  
James Schwab   AdultBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2020  
Liliana Szafir   YouthBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2019  
Jessica Waller   YouthBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2018  
Sarah Wang   YouthBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2019  
Alex White   YouthBoardMember     05/31/2019  
Renee White   YouthBoardMember   06/05/2017   05/31/2019  
Benson Wong   CityCouncilLiaison   01/11/2016   12/31/2018  
Brandon Wong   YouthBoardMember   06/06/2016   05/31/2018  


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