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2019 Nonprofit Project Site Application

Project sites are asked to provide a defined group project that would be appropriate for groups of 5-6 or 10-15 youth to complete within a 3-5 hour period (these numbers are flexible), and to provide all necessary materials and working space to accomplish that task.  At least one adult leader from the SVP or VOICE program staff will participate with the students during each project.  Please be creative and provide a specific project that will be interesting and challenging for the youth volunteers. Activities that provide contact with the people the volunteers are serving through their project are the most rewarding, but not always necessary. The program's dates are generally mid-June to mid-August.  

Students will need a brief orientation on the purpose of the project, and also need to be informed of your organizationís mission and structure. Please have a volunteer coordinator available to provide this information and answer any questions the volunteers may have each time we volunteer - we serve over 300 youth, which means that even if we come every week to your site, there is a good chance that there will be volunteers who are new to your project!  When volunteers gain knowledge about the purpose and value of their work, they reflect more deeply on their experience.  If you need help thinking about an appropriate project, please call Brittany Aguilar (206) 275-7743 or e-mail  

* Name of Organization 
* Full Address 
* Contact Person 
* Phone 
* Email 
* Name of Project 
* Number of Youth Needed (Projects are generally 5-6 or 10-15 youth) 
* Description of Project 
* Length of Project (hours) 
* Are there age restrictions for this project? 
If yes, what is the age requirement? 
* Is this project appropriate for 7th and 8th graders (12-14 years old)? 
* Beneficiaries of project (e.g. homeless, families, children, environment, etc.) 
* Preferred dates or day of week and times for project. Please indicate if you would like volunteers on a weekly basis (i.e. every Tues/Thurs, every Monday from 10am - 2pm, etc) 
* Are there any additional liability forms? (Please note that the volunteers sign MIYFS liability forms) 
* Are there any specific abilities or skills needed in the youth volunteers for this project? 

Any other information about your organization or the project that you could send along with the application would be appreciated. Please email or mail to address below.

 We will begin scheduling early, so please submit by April 15, 2019.

If you would prefer a paper application, please contact:

Brittany Aguilar, Youth Development and Community Prevention Coordinator
Mercer Island Youth & Family Services
2040 84thAve SE
Mercer Island, WA  98040
(206) 275-7743  

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