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New Four-Way Stop at 78th Ave SE and SE 34th Street

A new four-way stop is being installed at the intersection of 78th Ave SE and SE 34th Street today. Please be aware of this change as you are driving through the Town Center and through this intersection.
The intersection, located at the south edge of the Town Center, is the last four-way intersection on 78th Avenue in the Town Center currently not all-way stop controlled.
Residents of the area have been concerned for pedestrians crossing the street and the increase in traffic volume at the intersection due to the Thrift Store and the Park.
The installation of the new four-way stop supports the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan by creating a protected pedestrian crossing at the intersection and improving pedestrian circulation between the Upper and Lower Mercerdale neighborhoods.
Sight distance for the east leg of the intersection is currently restricted due to the existing rockery on the southeast corner of the intersection. The limited sight distance makes it difficult for motorists to see approaching northbound vehicles and for northbound motorists to see pedestrians standing on the east corner waiting to cross the street. Installation of the four-way stop is a cost effective way to improve the intersection for motorists and pedestrians. The cost to install the four-way stop is estimated to be $2,000 while the estimated cost of removing the rockery to improve the sight distance is upwards of $50,000. 
This decision is based on accepted national standards and practices, taking into consideration current traffic volumes, accident history, surrounding land use, geometry and other physical characteristics, and the City’s goal of making the public safe.
If you have any questions about this project, please contact Assistant City Engineer Anne Tonella-Howe at 206.275.7813 or


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