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Track your Cell Phone

Mobile Device Tracking
This month we will be discussing the various locator features available on your mobile device.  A locator service recently allowed us to apprehend a thief, and as such, can be useful to our community.  Mobile devices are one of the most commonly stolen items as they are quick to steal and easy to resell.  Locator services can be a powerful tool for law enforcement to track thieves and recover stolen property.  These services can usually be found for free, although some may have an associated cost.  Below are links for locator apps for the 3 major mobile device platforms:

For Apple devices: 

For Windows based phones :

For Android based phones :

These services not only allow you to track your item, but some allow you to remote lock and/or wipe the data. Do not attempt to apprehend a thief yourself.  Document the item's location(s) as completely as you can, screen shot or print the mapped location(s) if possible, and provide it  to law enforcement.  

Additionally, locator services can be an especially useful tool for all you parents trying to keep track of a teenager.  Require that they keep their phones on at all times, and you'll always know where they are. 

Be Safe,
Ofc Schroeder



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