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Surface Water Rescue on Northend of Island

At 1328 hours on Thursday, November 22 2012, Mercer Island Fire was dispatched to a surface water rescue at a residence on the north end of Mercer Island. Nine fire units from Mercer Island and Bellevue with a total of 17 Firefighters responded to this call.  Two MIPD units also responded.
First arriving fire units arrived less than 5 minutes after receiving the dispatch. The first arriving Fire officer found the victim just off the end of a dock in about 8 feet of water.  The Officer was told by witnesses the patient was strapped in a wheel chair and they had failed twice to un-strap the victim and get him out of the water.  The first firefighter to don surface water gear entered the water, unstrapped the victim and swam him to the beach.  Firefighters waiting onshore initiated CPR under the direction of Medic 2 Paramedics.  Patient was resuscitated and transported to Overlake Medical Hospital via Medic 2.


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