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Council Issues 2017 Legislative Priorities

Jan 10, 2017 - The City of Mercer Islandís list of Legislative Priorities allows it to respond quickly and efficiently to issues of interest that arise in Olympia during each Session.  Although it does not employ a lobbyist of its own, the City consults with various organizations who do develop and advocate legislative priorities each year, to inform its final list which typically includes a blend of regional and state-level issues.
As the Mercer Island City Council affirmed in a November 21, 2016 Proclamation, Mercer Island values civil discourse, non-discriminatory provision of community services, environmental sustainability, and respectful and careful listening to any person or group of people in all conduct of government business.  The City Council encourages the State Legislators to also adhere to these same values.

This year, Council and staff have identified nine key topics of interest, with the foremost priority being continuation of long-standing vehicle access options to Interstate 90 when light rail construction commences in June 2017.
The next highest priority items are: full funding for basic education, in compliance with the McCleary ruling; and State funding for the Aubrey Davis Park Master Plan that will support continued bicycle and pedestrian use into the future.
The entire Priorities document is available here.


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