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Chimney Fire at Island Residence on Wembley Lane

Feb 19, 2017 - Today Mercer Island Fire Department's Battalion 91, Engine 91, and Engine 92 responded to an unconfirmed residential structure fire, based on reports of flames seen on a roof of a house near the intersection of Island Crest Way and SE 46th street. 

Battalion 91 upgraded the incident while enroute, and initiated a confirmed structure fire response from multiple Bellevue Fire Department units and one Eastside Fire Department unit.  These additional units included:  Engine 4, Engine 2, Light Force 7, Ladder 72, Battalion 1, Medic 2, and MSO 5.

After arriving, firefighters discovered a small, exterior fire on the top of this residence's chimney, which turned out to be a burning, plastic tarp.  The tarp, at some point in time prior to this event, had been placed over the top of the chimney.  Today, the occupants lit a fire in the fireplace, not knowing that the tarp was covering the top of the chimney, and the tarp was ignited.

The fire was small, did not extend to any other part of the structure, and was easily extinguished by Mercer Island Fire Department firefighters after accessing the roof.  Other than the tarp, there appeared to be no property damage.

Battalion 91 canceled all incoming, non Mercer Island Fire units prior to their arrival.

Lastly, fire department personnel utilized specialty equipment, which included thermal imaging cameras and hazardous atmosphere gas detectors to positively ascertain that the interior of the house was safe to occupy.


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