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City Ends Suspension of Sound Transit Shoreline Permit

Mar 17, 2017 - Today the City withdrew the suspension of the shoreline substantial development permit (SSDP; large file) issued to Sound Transit for its East Link light rail project.  The City did so based on Sound Transit’s commitments in open court at the preliminary hearing on March 10 that: (1) Sound Transit intends to release, in approximately one week, an Addendum to its Final Environmental Impact Statement for the East Link light rail project to address the adverse environmental impacts, if any, of the change from the assumption regarding Mercer Island SOV use of the R8A lanes contained in the original environmental analysis; and (2) Sound Transit will do no work under the SSDP until June 2017 at the earliest.  
The City anticipates reviewing the Addendum to assist in its determination of whether the change to the project related to Mercer Island SOVs constitutes a “substantive change” causing an “adverse environmental impact” under WAC 173-27-100.  After that evaluation, the City will take the regulatory steps dictated by its determinations.
This matter will be discussed as part of the regular I-90 update to Council at the Monday, March 20, Council Meeting. However, due to this being part of ongoing litigation, the City is limited in the amount of specific detail that can be shared.

A hearing on the shoreline permit originally occurred in King County Superior Court on March 10, 2017.



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