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Door-To-Door Pet License Canvassing Starts May 5

Apr 27, 2018 - ​Starting on May 5, canvassers with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC), in coordination with the City of Mercer Island, will go door-to-door in neighborhoods south of SE 40th Street to educate residents about pet licenses. The City contracts with King County to provide animal services, and pet licensing pays for the program. 

Canvassing has proven an effective method for educating residents about the benefits and requirements of pet licensing, and was last conducted here in 2010. The canvassers will not issue citations, but will provide temporary licenses for unlicensed pets, allowing pet owners up to 30 days to pay for a license. Pet owners can mail their license payments to King County, license online, or pay in person at City Hall, or Island QFC stores. [Note: In Mercer Island, cat licenses are optional, but the City recommends them in order for owners to take advantage of the RASKC services; almost 500 cat owners opt-in each year]

Benefits of pet licensing include:
  • Reuniting owners with lost pets
  • Providing licensed pets a free ride home the first time they get lost
  • Saving lives by funding King County's pet adoption centers
  • Investigating of animal cruelty or neglect
  • Responding to reports of dangerous or nuisance animals
Canvassers, identifiable by their County logo bright blue shirts, name badges and business cards, are trained to follow strict guidelines regarding conduct and attire. They are not required to obtain City soliciting licenses, but will observe the soliciting ordinance hours, and also not contact residences that have "No Soliciting" signs posted. 

Major concerns or issues should be directed to MIPD Commander Jokinen at (206)-275-7914.


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