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City of Mercer Island / Finance / Parking Permits

Parking Permits on Mercer Island

Click here to see the entire Town Center and North Mercer restricted parking areas.
Click here to see the entire Town Center and North Mercer restricted parking areas.
Below is information on commuter parking permits, as well as City parking restrictions in the Town Center area and in the neighborhood north of North Mercer Way. 

Commuter permits are available at the City Hall Utility Counter (open Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:00pm).

Learn more about the Sound Transit Park-and-Ride garage, or proposals for future commuter parking facilities.


Applications & Instructions

This permit is useful for residents who wish to leave their car for the entire day, walk to the Sound Transit Park-and-Ride on North Mercer Way, and catch a bus to Seattle or Bellevue.

It allows a vehicle to be dropped off on the following streets between 7:00am-9:00am Monday through Friday (permit must be valid and displayed on the vehicle). The vehicle cannot be left parked more than 72 hours.

Available areas are (See "Town Center Permit Parking" designation on Parking Map):

a.    78th Avenue SE: Parking on both sides between SE 28th Street to SE 29th Street;
b.    SE 29th Street: Parking on both sides between 77th Avenue SE and 78th Avenue SE;
c.    80th Avenue SE: Parking on both sides between SE 28th Street and SE 30th Street;
d.    SE 30th Street: Parking on both sides between 78th Avenue SE and 80th Avenue SE.
Note: This permit does NOT authorize parking in the restricted parking district (RPD). Please see MICC 10.74.03(B) a full list of streets with time-limited parking, permit parking and prohibited parking in the Town Center. 
This permit is for a Mercer Island resident whose home address is within the boundaries of the North Mercer Restricted Parking District. This permit shall also grant the privileges of a Town Center parking permit. Please see MICC 10.74.030(A) for the full text code regarding the RPD restrictions.
  • Temporary Contractor Parking Permit Application
    This permit is for a temporary contractor who needs on-street parking in the North Mercer Restricted Parking District for more than two consecutive days to provide service to a North Mercer Restricted Parking District resident that cannot be accommodated by the residentís guest vehicle permit and is subject to the procedures and conditions set forth in MICC 10.74.030(A)(1)(b).
  • View a MAP showing the entire Town Center and North Mercer restricted parking areas.
  • The fee for each parking permit is $10. Permits will be issued in two colors, one color specifically for the residents north of the Park-and-Ride (North Mercer RPD) and the other for Town Center parking permits. These residents will be identified by their address using the Cityís GIS Mapping System.

Placement of Stickers

Permits in the form of stickers are to be placed on the inside of the rear windshield in the lower corner of the driver's side of the vehicle. 


Residential Parking District:
Mercer Island police officers will enforce the parking restrictions every weekday and will also enforce safety violations in the North Mercer neighborhood. This includes vehicles parked blocking fire hydrants or driveways and vehicles parked within eight feet of the center of the roadway, or too close to intersections.

Parking restrictions will not be enforced after 5pm, so that guests can park in the streets where allowed. Residents should make provision for daytime guests and trades people to find legal parking on their property. They cannot park in the permit zone without a permit.

Town Center District:
Officers will enforce parking without a permit in the restricted zone of the Town Center; this enforcement will occur between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM on weekdays only. At other times, posted parking regulations apply. Note: In general, a vehicle cannot be parked in a public right of way longer than 72 hours.

Both Districts:
Service vehicles, including City vehicles are exempted from posted parking restrictions. Utility companies providing emergency repairs requiring access to street lights, signals, utility boxes, and other facilities can park anywhere (with the proper signs, traffic safety cones, flaggers, etc.)


The penalty for parking in a permit-restricted area without a valid permit is $35 and a penalty for any transfer, attempt to transfer, or other unauthorized use of a parking permit is $250.


The basic rules for obtaining a permit are as follows:
  • A resident can apply for one permit for each licensed vehicle.
  • For each permit requested, the applicant must supply the Vehicle License Number and the year, make and model of the automobile. A copy of the vehicle registration for each vehicle for the current year must be provided.
  • For residents whose automobiles are registered to an off-Mercer Island address, other proof of residence/vehicle ID will be required.
  • For a Mercer Island resident who drives a car that is not registered to his/her home address, such as a company car, a letter on company stationery stating the following is required:
    • That the applicant is a company employee and has sole use of a company vehicle.
    • The plate number of that vehicle.
    • That the vehicle is normally parked at the applicantís Mercer Island home address before and after work.
    • The letter must include the company's Washington State Unified Business Number.
  • Permits are valid for a two year cycle (e.g. 2020-2021).
  • All permits expire Dec 31 of the second year.
  • Permits are nontransferable.
  • When parking permits are renewed, a new fee is collected.
For questions, please call 206-275-7783.


In 2001, the City Council made policy decisions about how to reduce Park-and-Ride overflow impacts on the north end neighborhood and the Town Center. The overriding objective was to eliminate parking for non-Mercer Island commuters from City streets.

In 2003, the City Council created a restricted parking district in the North Mercer neighborhood to prevent Park-and-Ride overflow parking.


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