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Helpful Tips for Drivers, Cyclists, and Pedestrians


At the April 2, 2012 City Council Meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 1452 establishing a policy for best road safety practices.  The Council also adopted Proclamation No. 164 commending Neighbors in Motion for their work on the best practices and proclaimed that all motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to be courteous and safe as they use Mercer Island’s roads, streets, and trails.


The City Council of the City of Mercer Island adopted the Mercer Island Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Plan Update in May 2010 and implementation of the Plan Update sparked discussion among Mercer Islanders regarding use of the City’s rights of way and the competing needs of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. 

A volunteer forum of local cyclists, motorists and city staff developed expectations of each right of way user and the “best practices” each could employ to make co-existence a peaceful, safe and productive set of relationships.  The list below is based on the first Road Safety Forum held on April 26, 2011 at the Mercer Island public library. Attendees included Mercer Island residents (Neighbors in Motion), two city council members, representatives from off island bicycle clubs, and the MI police department.


Mercer Island Best Road Safety Practices


I subscribe to the following safe practices when walking, jogging or running on Mercer Island. I will:

  • Wear bright clothing, and lights or reflective clothing when visibility is limited by darkness, rain or fog
  • Walk predictably and cross at crosswalks or intersections
  • Keep pets from darting into streets or across trails
  • Stop, look and listen when crossing streets, roads or trails
  • Use less than half of a walking trail or shoulder
  • Avoid talking on cell phones or listening to music when walking or running in busy areas


I subscribe to the following safe practices when riding on Mercer Island. I will:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Ride predictably and use hand signals
  • Stay alert for other users
  • Never use headphones, earbuds or Bluetooth-type device while riding
  • Stop at all red lights, stop signs and school buses with flashing red lights
  • Ride no more than 2 abreast, and pull into a single line for motorists waiting to pass
  • Move over on to paved shoulders when available and safe, if motorists are waiting to pass
  • Ride in groups of no more than 6 cyclists
  • Pull off if more than 5 motorists are waiting to pass
  • Use flashing lights from dusk to dawn
  • Wear brightly colored clothes
  • Give 3’ of space when passing pedestrians, and announce when passing a pedestrian from behind


I subscribe to the following safe practices when driving on Mercer Island. I will:

  • Stay alert for cyclists and pedestrians, and respect their right to use the road
  • Stay off the cell phone when driving through school zones and in areas where there are lots of cyclists and pedestrians
  • Give at least 3’ of space when passing a cyclist or pedestrian and give room for other users to avoid obstacles
  • Avoid turning right in front of a cyclist who is going straight
  • Look for cyclists before opening the door if parked along a street or road
  • Stop for all pedestrians and cyclists in a crosswalk or waiting to use one
  • Look both ways for other users when entering an arterial from a side street or driveway
  • Travel at 20 mph or slower in school areas during school hours, and allow for the inexperience of children

Links to information about driver, cyclist and pedestrian safety: 

Link(s) to information for parents and children:


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