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Design Development

At this point in the Community Center project schedule, the project Design Team has submitted 100% Design Development drawings for City staff and Council review. The Design Team has met that milestone by submitting drawings to City staff during the first weeks of January 2004. During the subsequent two weeks, the drawings were reviewed by City staff, the Project Review Committee and the Design Commission. Upon presentation and review by the City Council on January 20, 2004, and to remain on the adopted project schedule, the City Manager will authorize the Design Team to move to the Construction Document Phase.

100% Design Development – What it Means

During the Design Development Phase, the Design Team recommends modifications to the design as issues are identified and resolved, and as additional design details and specificity are assembled. Design coordination between architecture, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, site (landscape) design and other specialties occurs, preparing the Design Team to move to the drafting of construction drawings (blueprints). The majority of the site and building layout of the Community Center has remained unchanged from the Schematic (sometimes called Preliminary) Design Phase.

The Project Review Committee met twice during this phase to assist staff and design consultants to resolve issues. Those issues are highlighted below.

Significant Design Changes since Schematic Phase

Kitchen Location - The 100% Design Development drawings show the relocation of the kitchen facilities from the main entry/lobby area of the community center to an area immediately west of the multipurpose room.  Throughout the schematic and design development process, the kitchen facilities were refined in function and location to take into account the realities of food service that is convenient for cafe, senior meals and catering activities.

Stormwater Treatment - Early in the design process, project engineers believed that required stormwater treatment could be handled in an above-ground detention pond in the southeast corner of the property. After more detailed calculations of runoff quantities, the engineers and landscape architects concluded that an unacceptably large and deep pond would be required. The engineers returned with a “bio-swale” design solution in the same location. This bio-swale accomplishes the same runoff treatment, allows for “wetland” type landscape plantings and can be accomplished within the existing project budget for stormwater treatment.

Site Grading - The landscape architects refined their cut and fill calculations based on the latest on building scale and site location. The architects concluded that to guarantee no material would need to be exported from the site (and significantly drive up site costs); additional land area would be needed to distribute grading material. The architects proposed and the Project Review Committee and Design Commission agreed that using the area adjacent to the existing pea patch would be the best solution. That area, technically in Luther Burbank Park, would receive a modest amount of dirt spread out on the ground. One side benefit of this effort will be the removal of a stand of blackberries in the park boundary and adjacent to private homes.

Other Minor Changes – Some changes have resulted from the earlier value engineering study to reduce costs.  Others have been suggested by the Design Commission and/or the Design Team itself.  These include: reduction of the size of the main corridor (value engineering cost reduction), extension of the corridor adjacent to the multi-purpose room (design improvement), pick-up and drop area for pre-school and day care tenants (design improvement), location of handicapped parking (design improvement), addition of stairs to SE 84th (Design Commission), changes in windows on east elevation (value engineering cost reduction), location of elevator and storage room (design improvement).



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