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Team Building Exercises Increase Corporate Success

by Bre Caldwell

Team building is essential at all levels of a corporation. If the individual employee - regardless of rank - is encouraged to feel like a meaningful part of the larger whole, they are likely to take the initiative to go above and beyond to achieve team goals, which, in turn, increases the success of a company. Poor working relationships, a lack of communication and low trust levels between team members can be very damaging, potentially threatening key project milestones and even the success of an entire organization.


Gathering individuals into a cohesive, dynamic and effective team can be a challenge. Team building exercises encourage employees to empower themselves and essentially create a work environment conducive to increasing their productivity.

This requires a location away from the office, with space that is both inviting and flexible. Read on for information on the different approaches to improving teamwork in an organization, and the venue types these require.

Skill-based team building. The philosophy behind skill-based team building is to instill skills that team members may lack, which is possibly why that particular group doesn't work well. Skill-based team building consists of workshops where participants exercise various positive approaches to team work. Reaching a group consensus, dealing with conflict, and giving and receiving constructive criticism are all common themes within this type of team building. The skills acquired or practiced during these workshops are intended for immediate use in the workplace.

If teams practice these skills in facilitated workshops, they are more likely to comfortably utilize them in an actual work team setting. Recommended corporate event venues for skill-based team building consists of multiple meeting room rentals, where teams can break out into separate, "small" (30 - 50 capacity) rooms for workshops.

Problem solving-based team building. Problem solving-based team building usually involves a retreat setting and is often led by a facilitator who is not a member of your company. These workshops identify a specific challenge that a team is currently experiencing, and the team works together to solve it. The intent of this form of team building is to practice positive communication and build camaraderie addressing barriers and figuring out how to overcome them together, as a true team.

This form of team building encourages groups to agree on the barriers, analyze why they are experiencing them, and then own these issues by figuring out how they can get on track together as a cohesive whole.

Because the purpose of these tools are to remove a team from their everyday work setting, the training should be completed at an offsite corporate event venue that has both indoor and outdoor space available to rent.

Personality-based team building. One common barrier to a successful team is personality conflict. People often misinterpret decisions and reactions to decisions which can lead to further, more challenging communication issues. Naturally, individuals are motivated by different things and they each react differently to change, stress and one another.

Personality-based team building encourages participants to understand their own personality traits and the forces that drive them. By gaining a better understanding of themselves in the team framework, they will better understand how to work effectively with their team members.

In personality-based team building, each member fills out a personality questionnaire. Afterward the team discusses the results, and, if necessary, they develop action steps to work with.

The perfect corporate event venue for personality-based team building is one that, similar to the skills-based team building, has multiple lower capacity meeting rooms available to rent. An event venue that caters to small group breakout sessions provides a great setting for this type of training.

Activity-based team building. Activity-based team building consists of challenging tasks that require participants to work together. It focuses on specific needs like trust, communication and problem solving.

The goal with activity-based team building is to successfully tackle a challenging situation (usually an outdoor activity). Members will then be able to transfer this success to an actual work setting, thus becoming a more effective team.

Activity-based team building requires a corporate event venue that provides space outdoors, whether it is a permanent ropes course available to rent, or a large expanse of grassy meadow where a company provides or rents its own equipment.

The Mercer Island Community & Event Center is an ideal venue for large or small corporate team building exercises, business meetings and banquets in the Seattle area.

With four mid-sized breakout rooms right next to one another, a large banquet room, catering kitchen, and six miles of surrounding park, this facility provides the flexibility and space that is perfect for team building exercises.

For more information or a personal tour, please contact:

Rachel Gilbert
Reservation Specialist
Phone: (206) 275-7840

Mercer Island Community & Event Center
8236 SE 24th Street
Mercer Island, WA 98040



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