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City of Mercer Island / Public Works / Water Utility / Water Standard Details

Standard Water Details Drawing Index

Click on the links below to view each section of the most current version of the Water Standard Details.
Click here to view the complete version of the Water Standard Details. 

Number Name Date
W-1 Not Used n/a
W-2 Intersection Layout 08/12/2009
W-3 Trench Section 11/03/2017
W-4 Not Used n/a
W-5A Horizontal Concrete Blocking 03/20/2006
W-5B Vertical Concrete Blocking 01/08/2007
W-6A Alternate A Pipe Anchor 07/01/2014
W-6B Alternate B Pipe Anchor 03/20/2006
W-7 Water Valve Box 03/20/2006
W-8 Water Valve Box 12/23/2013
W-9 Water Valve Extension 12/23/2013
W-10 Valve Marker Post 07/01/2014
W-11 Tapping Tee 08/12/2009
W-12 Not Used n/a
W-13 1 Water Meter Installation 09/26/2017
W-14 1 Water Meter Installation 09/26/2017
W-14A 2 Water Meter Installation 09/26/2017
W-15 3 4 Water Meter Installation 09/03/2014
W-16 Water Meter Placement 03/20/2006
W-17 1 & 2 Steel Water Meter Box 12/23/2013
W-18A 1, 1 & 2 Plastic Water Meter Box 12/23/2013
W-19A Double Detector Check Valve Assembly 07/01/2014
W-19B Material List Double Detector Check 07/01/2014
W-20 Not Used n/a
W-21 Not Used n/a
W-22 Not Used n/a
W-23 Not Used n/a
W-24 Fire Hydrant Assembly Details 11/03/2017
W-24A Fire Hydrant Assembly Details - Wet Tap Installation 11/21/2017
W-25 Air and Vacuum Assembly 11/21/2017
W-25A 2" Air & Vacuum Valve Assembly 11/21/2017
W-26 2 Blow-Off Assembly 07/01/2014
W-27A Pressure Reducing Valve Vault Plan 09/03/2014
W-27B Pressure Reducing Valve Vault Material List 09/03/2014
W-27C Pressure Reducing Valve Vault Ladder and Support Detail 09/24/2013
W-27D Pressure Reducing Valve Vault Pipe Penetration Detail and Wall Anchor 09/24/2013
W-28 Residential Pressure Reducing Valve 12/24/2013
W-29 Not Used n/a
W-30 Not Used n/a
W-31 Not Used n/a
W-32 Typical Water Main Flushing 08/12/2009


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