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Impact Fees


School and Park Impact Fees were adopted by the Mercer Island City Council in 2015. The School Impact Fees went into effect in 2015 and the Park Impact Fees went into effect in 2016. City Council adopted Transportation Impact Fees in 2016.
Impact fees are authorized by Chapter 82.02 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and imposed on new development to help pay for public infrastructure required to accommodate the new development. The funds collected must be expended or encumbered for their intended purpose within 10 years.
School and Park Impact Fees are assessed only on new residential dwellings. 

Impact fees are not assessed on:
  • Replacement residences (when an existing legal dwelling is demolished and replaced with a new residential unit)
  • Remodeling or reconstruction of existing dwellings
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)
  • Temporary, transitional, senior and affordable housing (exempt from school impact fees only)
  • Non-residential accessory structures, such as sheds or garages
Please Note: Impact fee amounts are updated annually.

School Impact Fees

Pursuant to MICC 19.17, Mercer Island collects impact fees for schools and passes the funds onto the Mercer Island School District. School impact fees are used for the construction of new schools and/or improvements and additions to existing schools and ancillary structures, as needed to accommodate projected growth in the public school system. 

Park Impact Fees

Pursuant to MICC 19.18, Mercer Island collects impact fees for parks. Fees are used to address the impact from new development on park facilities including publicly owned parks, open space and recreational facilities. For more information on park impact fees, please see the 2015 Impact Fee Rate Study.

Transportation Impact Fees

Pursuant to MICC 19.19, Mercer Island collects impact fees for transportation. Fees are used to address the impact from new development on transportation facilities such as public streets and roads, and ensure an adequate level of service, consistent with the capital facilities plan of the City of Mercer Island Comprehensive Plan. For more information of transportation impact fees, please see the 2015 Impact Fees Rate Study.


Residential Fee Schedule

Impact Fees are assessed on new residential dwellings, based on the type of residence. Single family homes and townhomes are assessed at the single-family rate.  Condominiums and apartments are assessed at the multi-family rate.  (Note: Park impact fees begin January 15, 2016)
School Impact Fee $5,843.11 $      0.00
Park Impact Fee $2,268.53 $1,457.87
Transportation Impact Fee $4,287.46 $2,444.14
TOTAL $12,399.10 $3,902.01


Commercial Transportation Fee Schedule

Impact Fees are assessed on commercial construction, based on the use. Restaurant and Retail uses are exempt.

  Fee Amount
Single Family (1-2 dwellings)** $4,287.46/dwelling
Multi Family (3 or more dwellings)** $2,444.14/dwelling
Senior Housing $1,157.46/dwelling
Lodging $2,572.25/PER ROOM
Commercial Services $17.06/sq.ft. of GFA
School $557.74/student
Institutional $3.17/sq.ft. of GFA
Light Industry/Industrial park $3.90/sq.ft. of GFA
Warehousing/Storage $1.93/sq.ft. of GFA
Supermarket $26.02/sq.ft. of GFA
Gas Station $25.49/pump
Administrative Office $6.38/sq.ft. of GFA
Medical Office/Dental Clinic $15.31/sq.ft. of GFA

** School & Park Impact fees also apply to residential dwelling units

Fee Payment

As required by State law (RCW 82.02), impact fees are charged at the issuance of a projectís building permit. Payment is due before the building permit can be issued, but applicants may request deferred payment. Impact fees can be deferred until (1) final inspection; (2) issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy or equivalent certification; or (3) the closing of the first sale of the property after the issuance of the applicable building permit, whichever comes first; provided that the term of the impact fee deferral shall not exceed 18 months from the date of building permit issuance.

Requesting Deferred Payment

Requesting an impact fee deferral requires applicants to sign a deferred payment lien and pay applicable fees, including an administration fee. The lien will be recorded against the property, to be released upon payment of the impact fee.

To learn more about Impact Fee Deferral and get the Deferred Payment Request Form click here


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