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Mercer Island Mobility Projects and Pilots

City of Mercer Island Mobility Pilot Program


On October 17, 2017, the City Council approved the Sound Transit Settlement Agreement, which provides funds valued at just over $10 million to offset the construction impacts of the East Link light rail project and partially compensate for permanent impacts to local traffic patterns, including the loss of access to westbound I-90 from the Islandís only 4-lane arterial (Island Crest Way). This package provides mitigation in all the areas the community identified as its top priorities, including $226,900 toward "First/Last-Mile Solutions."

First/Last-Mile Solutions

These programs are intended to help weekday commuters access transit options at the Mercer Island Park & Ride without the need to drive a personal vehicle. As parking pressure mounts, all 447 stalls now fill by 7:00am on most weekdays, forcing many Islanders wishing to use bus transit to reluctantly choose Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) travel instead. The City believes reducing SOV usage will improve congestion on the Island, reduce rush hour pressure on I-90, and help lower local greenhouse gas emissions.

Ride Share

After extensive exploration, the City launched a 6-month rideshare pilot program with providers Lyft and Uber in mid-April, 2018. For six months, the program subsidized any ride on Mercer Island that started or finished at the Park & Ride on North Mercer Way. The pilot ended Oct 31, 2018. Learn more here.

Bike Share

The City launched a 3-month bikeshare pilot program with LimeBike that ran from mid-July to mid-October, 2018. Approximately 25 electric-assist models were available 24/7 to anyone, Island-wide, and were restocked daily at designated hubs. Learn more here.  Although the pilot has ended, LimeBikes continue to operate on Mercer Island with permission from the City. The City of Bellevue also has a 1-year pilot underway with LimeBike, starting in Aug 2018. JUMP bikes have recently entered the Seattle market in spring 2019 and also now operate on Mercer Island with City permission.

VanPool, CarPool

The City is also exploring how to better promote existing King County Metro programs among its residents; click here to see Metro's range of RideShare Programs. Currently, there are 5 VanPools leaving Mercer Island each morning, and 1 VanPool arriving. In addition, Metro offers a Carpooling service, and there are carpooling apps such as Scoop, which matches drivers with riders for a small fee. 

King County Metro Innovation Program

Metro is in the process of launching a number of pilots across the County that includes exploring new concepts to address access to Park & Rides, geographic transit deserts, time-of-day challenges, and peak time challenges of meeting demand. The City is eager to collaborate with Metro on first-last mile solutions and has had good success with the existing Route 630 Commuter Shuttle and looks forward to discussing other potential pilot projects. 

Integration With Bus Transit and Future Light Rail

These pilot programs are currently focused on transporting commuters to the Mercer Island Park & Ride area in order to board express buses.  When light rail opens in 2023, trains will replace much of today's bus service, and it will be especially important to ensure that there are also safe bicycle/pedestrian corridors leading to the future rail station. This will receive consideration during the design processes for the rail station perimeter (including preferred pedestrian routes and sidewalks, bike access/storage, bus drop-off curbs, bus turnaround facilities, etc.).


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